Tuesday, May 30, 2023

KBShimmer Apple Dapple Doo, June 2023 Polish Pickup

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So I have been so busy in May. And like...totally forgot to swatch the KB Polish Pickup because I am terrible. I turned in pictures way late and well, I am posting this last minute. But alas, this polish is available this Friday, so you still have time to add it to your wish list and grab it!

KBShimmer Root Beer Float Hand & Body Scrub - $10 – No Cap

"Root Beer Float hand and body scrub will take you back to those childhood summer days. A top note of root beer gives way to subtle smooth notes of creamy vanilla. Hints of cinnamon and clove give depth to that root beer bite. This scrub even echoes the look of a root beer float with its dark brown base topped with a creamy white layer. For best results, use this scrub frequently to keep skin smooth and moisturized."

I have to be honest that this one is a little too artificially sweet for me. Or maybe just all the scent notes together read as artificial to my nose, so this one is not my favorite but if you like root beer floats, this scent is totally spot on that. It’s almost kind of creepy how it smells just like root beer!


KBShimmer Apple Dapple Doo Nail Polish - $12 – No cap!

"Apple Dapple Doo is inspired by the movie scene that features this song. Stage lights in fuchsia, red, and pink lighting an otherwise dim scene inspired this magnetic shade. A bold magnetic shows off hues of pink and fuchsia at most angles, with touches of peach and gold. A deep background subtly shifts from navy to purple and black, while a touch of micro holographic glitter adds a hint of sparkle. Best in two coats."

Apple Dapple Doo: Two coats, and a magnet after each coat. Something out of left field for the summer! My brain has officially moved to pastels and neons but this dark callback to fall is a reminder of what is to come. The magnetic effect is fun and I achieved it easily. If you use top coat, use the magnet again as it intensifies the effect.

The sun was out so I figured I would share how the holo pops! This is in direct and indirect sun and I love the fuchsia that surprises you in indirect light. 

Because this is a multichrome, I wanted to share where you can see that flash of gold. It is most prominent in the shade. 

The polish and the sugar scrub will be available June 2nd through June 5th in the Polish Pickup shop. Shipping starts at $4 in the US and at cost to Canada.

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