Monday, May 15, 2023

Retro Stamping over Spring Dry Brush Nail Art

 Press Sample

Apparently I am in the mood to stamp over a dry brush art. Originally, I wanted to do a different look but I wasn’t with my nail polish collection and I didn’t quite have the correct yellow. I plan to do it eventually but I have two event next week, so I'll be doing white or pale pink nails.  

So I guess this is just who I am now, LOL. I really wanted to do blue and orange nails but was not sure exactly what I wanted to do. Then pink joined the party. As I sat down, I realized I was tired so I just went with the dry brush technique since it is so fast and does not require skill.


Here are my colors:

  • White base: 1 coat pop-arazzi Icing on the Cake
  • Pink: Zoya Eden
  • Orangey yellow: Zoya Honey
  • Blue: Zoya Eleni
  • Yellow : Jessica Cosmetics Yellow Meringue
  • Stamping plate: Born Pretty Artist L002
Same plate as last time! I'm not sure if I have ever used this beyond probably testing it when I got it a million years ago, but wow, I love it!


Also, I thought Honey was yellow but it is actually pretty orange once you put it against other colors. It was the perfect orange for this look! I also used yellow, but I guess not enough since you cannot really see it here! I ended up going matte with this one and I love how dreamy it looks!

I just wanted to share how it looks shiny as well. I wore it like this for a day. Which way do you prefer? I love both!


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  1. Oh my goodness all these amazing swatches. I love the method you use to achieve the look. I love the matte look . Then I scrolled to the shiny and maybe love that a bit more. The colors seem to be brighter when they are shiny. Great manicure. Thanks for sharing .💜

    1. Thank you! I do love the matte too but I agree certain colors like Zoya Honey just pop with the shiny top coat. I'm slow to share this month!

    2. No worries. Grateful you take the time to swatch and reply.💜


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