Friday, May 5, 2023

Fun 90s Design Nail Art

 Press Sample

Hey all! Sorry I completely disappeared. I scheduled my PPU posts way ahead, and really just haven't posted in a while. But today I have a fun look. Now for real, is this 80s or 90s? I feel like the neon and squiggle look is like 1985-1995, so it's both! I was really not inspired and almost put on yet another plain color. I had a bunch of colors out for a nail art I never ended up doing though and then I saw a manicure on Instagram, and boom, that's what I wanted! 


So as usual, I waited like a week before taking pictures so I had some tip wear and my manicure looked a little dull. I wish I would stop doing that. Sometimes right after doing a manicure, I see I've made a mess and I will clean it up in the shower the next day rather than clean up brush with all that acetone and meh. Then I just forget to take pics. But you still get the gist of how this looks!


Here are all the colors I used:

  • Base: Essie Play Date, 2 coats (this color is so old and def had old school polish stank) 
  • Orange: Jessica Cosmetics Boho Babes
  • Yellow: Jessica Cosmetics Sunglow 
  • Pink: KBShimmer Pink or Swim
  • Blue: KBShimmer Harbor a Crush 
  • Black: Stella Chroma New Moon 


This look was inspired by pblnails. She stamped all the images and added some other details I didn't love for me. Instead of stamping the images, because I didn’t have these stamping plates, I simply hand-painted it. I started with blobs of the yellow and orange, and then I added squiggles of pink and blue. Lastly, I added the black dots. Also, I want to mention that I have been trying to use up random top coats, and I’ve been using Jessica Phenom Finale Shine. As you can see no matter how long I waited, which was a while, it still smeared my art a bit. So this is a topcoat I would use for a plain color only.

Honestly, I need to find a dupe for the Essie polish because the smell was so strong even the next day. I’m not sure if just as I’ve aged the smell bothers me, but it definitely did not used to bother me. I used sugar scrub after my manicure to tame the scent. I have no idea if this is 5-free, but my spreadsheet says I bought it in February 2012 and I feel like Essie was 5-free by then but who knows?


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  1. This is so fun and I could probably do something like this. The colors are amazing and as always the dots bring it together . Thanks for sharing. 💜


    1. You definitely CAN do something like this! Because no matter your dexterity, the more random, the better the design. Have fun with it! :)


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