Tuesday, August 8, 2023

1994 Birthday Barbie Nail Art

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She's the prettiest present of all! So I still have not seen Barbie movie but the movie inspired me to look at Barbies, including my own, and create nail art. Well I have one particular Barbie that I loved so much, I never even opened it! Yup! It was the 1994 Birthday Barbie and for some reason, I thought it was so special, I did not want to play with it. I just wanted to look at it. Weird? Maybe. But who knows why we do things when we are little. So I fished out this Barbie and decided I needed to do nails based on her dress that I found to be so mesmerizing as a little kid!


Here is my Barbie! Yes the box is a little dented from over the years, but she remains untouched. Some googling showed me there was a brunette version of this. I wish I got that one as a kid as I am a brunette. Apparently her name was Teresa so maybe I wouldn't have been thrilled at such a young age if I didn’t get the iconic Barbie.

I tried to match the colors of the dress as best I could and honestly, I think I nailed it  

  • Base: White Creme Polish
  • Glitter: Lechat Dare to Wear Private Party
  • Lightest Pink: KBShimmer Pink or Swim
  • Medium Pink/Coral for Hearts: Julie G Bikini
  • Darker Pink: Julie G Oh Em Gee
  • Blue: Morgan Taylor No Filter Needed 

Good thing, I saved this nail polish from Dare to Wear because turns out I don’t really have many iridescent glitter top coats. I have lots of holo and sparkly glitter topcoats, but that didn’t work for this look. I really needed iridescent..

I also will add that I forgot how annoying it is to do nail art with true neons since they dry so fast. I had to do small blobs while I was doing the hearts and the squiggles because the blobs will dry up so fast and it would just be a waste of nail polish.


So there it is. Are we done with Barbie nail art? Who knows.

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  1. Such a fun manicure. Love the neons during the summer. I don't think I saved any of my childhood toys. I can't imagine the restraint it must have taken not to tear it open and play with it. Thanks for sharing. 💜💜

    1. I don't seem to wear neons any other time. Awww my mom saved so many of my toys. My niece actually plays with them...but not this Barbie! LOL!


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