Wednesday, August 30, 2023

KBShimmer Take the Stairs, September 2023 Polish Pickup

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Apparently I had this sitting in drafts, just waiting to be published, but I truly thought I published it. My fault! Luckily, this polish is available this Friday, so you are all good to still get it. Polish pick up is inspired by my favorite holiday, Halloween. The theme this month is spooky with Haunted History.

KBShimmer Caramel Apple Crunch Sugar Scrub, $10, No Cap

Apple Caramel Crunch sugar scrub is a nod to that favorite fall treat. Starting out with notes of a sweet, juicy apple, you can almost taste that first bite. The nutty notes of rich caramel and brown sugar add depth to the apple notes. Every once in a while, a hint of cinnamon tickles my nose, completing this fall-inspired scent.

WARM WEATHER NOTE: During warmer weather, the oils can separate and settle in the jar; this will not harm your scrub. Just stir before use to combine any oils that settle on top. Scrubs are packed by weight, not volume.

This is exactly as it sounds. The caramel is the leading note for me and very sweet. So if sweet and caramel is your jam than this is for you.

KBShimmer Take The Stairs Nail Polish, $12, No Cap

Take The Stairs is a deep black jelly nail polish inspired by a haunted hotel ride. Bold, near-neon lights are reflected in an array of colorful shifting flakes swimming in the midnight base. The pops of pink shift to red while blue and aqua morph into purple and green. Hints of gold and yellow complete this hauntingly beautiful shade. Try this shade with a matte top coat to make the flakes really pop! Best in two coats. 
Take the Stairs: 2 coats plus top coat. Yes, I love this. This color doesn’t reinvent the wheel as I have black with shifting flakes in it. What is awesome is that there are just so many flakes in this polish. Sometimes you find colors like this, and they are very sparse with the flake. For me, the more the better. I just love how every single color can be found in this nail polish. I was also surprised that it was completely opaque in two coats yet showed this amount of flake. 

Of course, I had to share with this looked like with matte topcoat. You can really see the flakes pop. Pardon my application. My niece was with me when I swatched this nail polish real quick, and she decided to sit at my nail desk and wouldn’t let me sit lol. Therefore, I applied my matte topcoat really haphazardly, but you get the gist of what this looks like.

The polish and the sugar scrub will be available September 1st through September 4 in the Polish Pickup shop. Shipping starts at $4 in the US and at cost to Canada.

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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  1. I love this polish and will definitely need it. It looks awesome with the matte topcoat . I'm learning to love Halloween as I get older but as a kid it's a lousy day for a birthday. 🎃 Thanks for sharing . 💜💜

    1. Ahhh I find that amazing. I would love Halloween-themed birthday parties! But I say that as a June baby. You'll love this polish!

    2. They are great as an adult but no one wanted to come to my party as a kid cause they wanted to go trick or treating so we had it a different day so my friends would come lol

    3. Ok, well that totally makes sense. But now you can totally have a fun Halloween party! And now I have to come up with Halloween birthday nail art for you!

    4. I look forward to it. Maybe something with your leopard pumpkin design . Its one of my favorites . I also love dots, candy corn , and Jack and Sally. Thank you. 💜


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