Saturday, August 12, 2023

KBShimmer Sugar Rush Rainbow Dotticure

 Press Sample

It's been a hot minute since I have done a dotticure. I had the KBShimmer Sugar Rush collection on my desk waiting to be put into my spreadsheet when I realized I hadn't officially done any art with the majority of the collection. I did do watermelon nails with the two reflectives from the collection, but I wanted to do more! 

This manicure is by no means groundbreaking but I absolutely love how they came out. I did dots in the color of a rainbow using six colors from the collection. I was going to overlap some of the colors as I started to do, but then decided let them each be their own line.

Here are the colors I used! 

  • Base: Girly Bits Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue, 2 coats 
  • Pink: KBShimmer Feeling Good
  • Orange: KBShimmer Any Way You Slice It 
  • Yellow: KBShimmer Pucker Up
  • Green: KBShimmer Pull It Together 
  • Blue: KBShimmer Put A Ring On It 
  • Darker blue: KBShimmer That’s Just Grape 

I really wanted to keep this manicure entirely in the KBShimmer family, but I just couldn’t find the right base color. First, I tried it over, Saved by the Shell, and then over Sandy on my nail polish mat in both colors. It was just not balancing with the rainbow colors. I really wanted something that was almost white, but not white. So this is the perfect blue. It is the palest blue you can get before white.

I wanted to show this manicure in normal lighting, although I clearly like how it looks in sunshine, and with flash to show off the reflective.


  1. Dotticures are one of my favorites. Everything is better with dots . I love the colors you used. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Everything IS better with dots; I agree! They just elevate any manicure with minimal effort.


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