Wednesday, January 25, 2023

KBShimmer Northern Exposure with Winter Stamping

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Hello all! I really neglected my stamping plates for a while, so I've been using them a lot lately. When I swatched the KBShimmer Northern Exposure collection, I knew I wanted to do some themed nail art.When I think of Northern Lights, I think of Iceland and Alaska and warm cabins and forests and moose so I just wanted to do some themed art!

I feel like this is one of my last dark and moody winter manicures. I'm currently wearing a pastel pink and I think that's where my mind is! Either way, I love Northern Exposure because it's dark but also special and shifty. I love this color!

I used a variety of plates for this look. So were Christmas themed with random winter images, so that's what I used!

  • Index: Christmas BP-R004
  • Middle nail: Born Pretty Christmas L006
  • Ring: Christmas BP-R004
  • Pinky: Uberchic 2-02

I did layered stamping although I did not even try to line them up perfectly. Actually, perfect alignment would defeat the purpose since the point is to show some dimension.

  • Black polish: Girly Bits it’s definitely him
  • Beige polish: Lechat Dare to Wear French Vanilla


All I did was stamp the images in black and then layered it with a stamping of the same image in beige. I loved that this beige stamped because I felt that white would be too stark. Make sure you are light handed when you use matte top coat because I did have a little smudging, but hey, I am human! Of course, I smudged my middle nail, which had the best image of a cabin and a moose.


Quick and easy! Love how this came out! This color and collection is still available now.

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  1. Amazing. I love how the double stamping makes the image pop off your nails. When I think of northern lights I think of home. The province I live in has the most amazing northern lights. We are very fortunate. Thanks for sharing

    1. I would love to see the northern lights, for real. One time, it somehow made it to my area but I maybe saw some green, not even sure, HAHA. Jealous!

    2. The motto on our license plate is land of the living skies. We have beautiful sunrises, sunsets and northern lights.


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