Sunday, January 15, 2023

Stamped Trees over Stella Chroma Snowed In

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 Quickie post today! I was going to plop this onto the previous post, but why smoosh it in there? I posted a swatch of Stella Chroma Snowed In and knew it called for some simple art. I actually wore it for 6 days with zero chips and then 2 more days with this quick art, so let's take a look!


Obviously, with the polish called Snowed In, I really wanted vibes of where I would be when it snows. It actually flurried this past weekend, but nothing stuck. I do like a little snow, so it's a bummer there hasn't really been any yet. Anyway, being snowed in in the city isn't THAT pretty because after like an hour, the snow turned grey and yucky.

I like the idea of being snowed in on a mountain in a cabin in the woods.  I like the idea of pristine, white snow. So I decided to stamp some green trees to get some forest vibes. I used Zoya Wyatt, which is a perfect green. The plate was a super old plate from Born Pretty, BP-R004 Christmas. I just enjoyed the simplicity of the trees. I also like the green pulled from the flakes already in the polish!

As I mentioned in my previous post, although this polish is not available, Stella Chroma has some beauties such as Funhouse, Brave, Brave Man, Fair Weather Cumulus, Herr Drosselmeier, and Demo Derby. They are all soft colored polishes with gorgeous flakes and shimmer!
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  1. I love the trees on this color. When my mani starts to get tip wear I quite often stamp to get a couple more days out of it. The trees would be perfect over goddess too 😊💜Thanks for sharing .

    1. It's definitely a great way to extend a manicure. I agree! Gddess has those green flakes so it would be awesome! Email me a pic if you did it!

  2. Such a beautiful "upgrade" on this beautiful base nail polish, I love your manicure! :-)

    1. Thank you! I love simple stamping. Makes it look so nice with minimal effort.


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