Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Zoya Naturel 5, Swatches and Review

 Press Sample

Hold your judgment. Yes, this collection came out in either January or February of 2022. The problem was that Zoya was releasing so many collections and I kept wanting to do the current collection and this one just got pushed back and back. Well, the good thing is these are literally neutral colors and do not really belong to a season. In addition, this is the literal season they came out last year, so it’s relevant!

Chelsea:  3 coats. A powdered blush cream. This was almost opaque in two coats but I did a third to level it out. I actually have used this color despite not having swatched it. It’s such a clean look and I love it after I wear lots of nail arts and just want a simple and stunning color.


Sutton: 3 coats plus top coat. A muted pinky-nude cream.  When I wear this, I will use two coats. But when I went to photograph at two coats you could see a tiny bit of leveling which your eye on its own would normally not see but it was obvious in photos. Again this is another color that I love because it’s such a clean look.


Evan: 2 coats. A softened saddle cream.I have no idea what a saddle cream is but I’m assuming it’s like a horse saddle? Anyways this is like a milk chocolate to me and it’s really pretty. It’s not the most flattering on my skin tone but I love it for nail art. It’s definitely giving me lobster hands but oh well. I am just digging this color. 


Parker: 2 coats. A warm greige. This is one of those weird yet gorgeous colors. Definitely a year round color that I am just loving. Part of me wants this as my pedicure right now. It is really pretty with a great formula!


Elyse: 2 coats. A gentle aubergine cream.  This one was almost opaque in one coat. I knew it would be one of my favorites and I feel like we’ve definitely seen this color from Zoya but yet each time I put it on, I love it. Great polish and something I’d wear year-round.


I really want to dump out all my Zoyas and color code them since over time, my organization of this brand gets messy. If I see similar colors, I'll try to do some comparisons but I do love all of these!

So the next transitional collection, Toasty, is already on my desk waiting to be swatched. I’ll try not to wait a year to share it lol. All these colors are still available and retail for $12 each.

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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  1. Great swatches. Better late than never. I have many polishes I have purchased and not worn. I love this collection. I always buy their natural collection. Saddle cream is used so you don't chafe when horse back riding. Cyclists use it too🤣 Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the insight on saddle creme! I guess my brain thought saddles were darker. And yes, better late than never. I really let this collection get away from me and it's so gorgeous!


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