Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Valentine's Day Pink Floral Dotticure

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Well it's February which means two things: Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras! I'm starting off with Valentine's Day, which is all about pinks, flowers, and puns (we will hopefully get to that art later). I started this mani late at night, so I went with something simple.

When I looked at these colors, I truly felt they would pop more than they did. At least when I tried it out on my nail mat, they did. On the nail, the two cremes sort of merged together. I have to admit, when I finished this manicure, I hated it. Like I wanted to take it off immediately, but was just too tired. 

Here are the three colors I used:

  • Pink base: Stella Chroma Cable Knit, 3 thin coats.
  • Darker pink creme: Zoya Rae (from the new Toasty collection)
  • Lighter pink creme: Zoya Hattie (from the new Toasty collection)


After I let the base dry for a few minutes, I went in with dotting tool and made my flowers. I thought they looked a little bare, so I added dots. Really, I added stems, but it looked so bad, I removed the entire nail. Yes, I redid it from scratch. This was a fail mani as everything about it was bothering me. Then, of course, I got sick, and I left it on for a week and was like meh. But I love love love Stella Chroma Cable Knit. It saved this manicure.

Stella Chroma: Shop, Facebook, Instagram

Zoya: SHOPFacebook, Instagram

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  1. I love the base color you used. Thanks for sharing. 💜

    1. Thanks! I liked the pop of the flakes against the creme flowers.


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