Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Valentine’s Day French Manicure

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Y’all, I have to tell you what I was thinking about when I did this mani. Back in high school, I used to get French manis always. Then I went to college and figured out how to do it myself. I loved the clean look. I guess French went out of style or I just stopped doing them but I decided to bring it back for Valentine’s Day! Apparently I haven’t posted a French mani on this blog since 2014!


My darling’s favorite nail polish color is white but I didn’t feel like doing just white nails. Then I thought, let’s do a French. I used to have square nails and it’s easy to do it with square. Something about French on rounded nails was harder. Plus my index nail is sooo long so it looks uneven. 

I pulled out my Zoya Naked Manicure kit and forgot how much I enjoyed this kit. It makes your nails look so clean and nice. I almost didn't add the white tips because it looked so nice. I could not find my white tip perfector so I opted for a white shimmer which complimented the "unicorn pee" shimmer top coat I used.

Here are the colors I used in the order I used them:

  • Base coat: Stella Chroma Super Food
  • Zoya Lavender Perfector 
  • Zoya Pink Perfector 
  • KBShimmer You Dew You 
  • Stella Chroma Coconut Creme for tips
  • Zoya Palmer for hearts


As I mentioned, I am rough at doing French manicures. I did make some errors but I found adding the little pink heart fixed the error. When I first did these, I fought everything not to remove them immediately. I was tired though and knew I was changing my mani in a few days. It’s a clean look. These definitely grew on me!


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  1. I really like this manicure. Great pallette cleanser. I love the coconut creme. Thanks for sharing 💜

    1. I am still wearing it and now I love it! Go figure! I do plan to take it off tonight though because it's almost Mardi Gras!!

    2. Mmmmmmm pancakes 🥞💜


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