Friday, October 26, 2012

Sheswai F*kyeah with Hit Polish Witches Brew: This is Halloween Challenge

All right guys, this is probably my last post with this challenge. Why? Because I am hoping to squeeze a few more Halloween designs for my Now and Then segment and the rest of the challenge simply doesn't fit. This could be a lie though, as I'm thinking of how to use China Glaze It's Alive (only just got it dustying) with graveyard? And I want to do a black cat design. And basically I have too many designs in my head....sigh. And I *still* have one more Breast Cancer polish to use. Uh, there's only 6 days left of October.

Anyway, a dear polish friend sent me Sheswai F**kyeah because I needed it for the color and the name. Since then, it has been renamed to something a little sweeter, but I like the original. Let me tell you this is THE MOST COLOR INACCURATE PHOTO EVER. Sorry :( My camera could not handle the creamy neon fuchsia. 1.5 coats as some needed two and others were good with one coat.

Then I used one coat of Hit Polish Witches Brew and I loveeeed it. Then someone in one of my polish groups posted a cute witch hat mani so I took inspiration from her and painted on witch hats with some basic colors. Although my nails are a bit busy, I still kind of love them! Enjoy! 

With flash and most color accurate



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