Monday, October 15, 2012

Now and Then: Frankenstein Nails (My Zombies)

Just a few more days to vote for my Monster Mash mani! #26 in the freehand category HERE. I went for a little bit of a stretch here. I don't really care for bloody, flesh colored nails. Plus, I really wanted to get a Frankenstein mani in and well, Frankenstein is technically not alive. And he walks. So he is sort of a zombie? Right? Just say yes. 

Two coats of Nubar Reclaim. Holy mother gorgeous green holo. This type of green is my absolute favorite. How was this untried since April? WHOOPS. Thank goodness it was sunny yesterday. 

My mom bought me these adorable candle holders about a month ago. Last year, I got the giant Frankenstein candle holder (also a mini one, and a giant pumpkin one, and I really love Halloween) and this year I needed these. Hence, my nails. On my non Frankie fingers, I dabbed on Lynnderella She Lived in a Swamp...which I've had since February. Gorgeous lime green glitters. I've posted a macro. We've got microglitters, some bars (not my fav), small and large squares, hexes, everything. Love how many untrieds I'm using. So take a gander at my hubby and wifey Franky-style.


Two Coats of Nubar Reclaim

Nubar Reclaim with SliaS gradient
My inspiration
So here it is, my then picture: Man, my Frankensteins looked like they were having some awkward moments. I didn't have a green as rich as Nubar Reclaim and remember using Milani Hi-Tech and one of those black striper nail polishes. I actually still love these. I may do these exact ones again if I have time.


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