Friday, October 19, 2012

Bats over Max Factor Fantasy Fire: This is Halloween Challenge Continued

AHHH! Three more days to vote for my Monster Mash Nail art! #26 in the freehand section! I would appreciate all your votes. Click here to vote!

So much Halloween goodness. I think the only non-Halloween manicure I have done this month was my most/least expensive polish but I do have a reader request for something specific, so I'll have that for you in a few days. 

I seem to be taking the cutesy route for my Halloween nail art. I found gel clings a few years ago with the most adorable bats. I almost copped out of this challenge (by doing half my nails bats and then adding another art to it) when I saw them on my window! Of course though, I broke a nail and nubbinized, so my canvas isn't as large as normal.

I used Barry M Indigo (2 coats) and Max Factor Fantasy Fire (1 coat) as the base. Two untrieds that my lovely friend Kim from England sent me in April. I cannot believe I waited to use these! Fantasy Fire flashes red, gold, and green, and emulates that dusk scenery for my bats. I then went in and painted some smaller bats with larger detailed one. Lastly, I used my Wet n Wild The Star of the Show (holiday 2012 collection that I stumbled upon) as accents. Quick nail art, but cute nonetheless.  I took most pictures with flash; it's not very color accurate but otherwise the bats were blending because of the lack of sun. Oh hello, winter.


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  1. I love them I've been really enjoying all your Halloween related manicures. That's not to say I don't like your others I do you do amazing Nail Art just I love Halloween thank you for sharing it with us


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