Tuesday, November 6, 2012

After the Hurricane...

If you are a new follower, or you simply did not know, I live right outside of NYC, in the metropolitan New Jersey area. While we did prep for Hurricane Sandy, we never expected anything like this to happen. My family only just received power last night (8 days). My uncle's car was swimming down the street. My apartment was in a city that was on lockdown with no water. The towns and cities had a curfew of 6pm. My sister in NYC was flooded in, as the FDR Drive turned into the East RIver. These things are real and they happen. They happen in an area that normally does not receive such weather.

I listened to the 115 mph wind gusts and knew the destruction would be monumental. Thankfully, besides some lost trees and a car, my family lucked out. No power for 8 days was a gift compared to losing entire homes and even lives.

I needed a small break from polish, not only because I literally was in the darkness and because I was helping my family clean up the mess from the Hurricane, but also because I felt extreme guilt from even thinking about nail polish. Nail polish is a comfort for me, and right now, my area is suffering from so much discomfort. The pictures of the Jersey shore, where I spent so many days of my summer, washed into the Atlantic Ocean, broke me heart and made me realize just how unprepared my region is for weather such as Sandy.

I will be back within a few days. I have many NOTDs but unfortunately, could not finish the Halloween challenges due to the weather. We are expected to get another storm tomorrow, and I hope it is one that is more manageable as my state (and New York) needs time to recover from this recent disaster.

If you live close by, or know the areas, I urge you to donate whatever you can. My boyfriend and I put together a huge box of warm clothing, food, and water to help. Anything can help.

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  1. I'm glad you're safe! Keep your chin up, people are being so amazing about all of it, it'll work out. *cheesy useless sentiments* x_x <3


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