Saturday, November 10, 2012

Forever 21 Purple-Blue Glittery Goodness

And I'm back! I hope you didn't miss me much during my hiatus and I hope you understand why I needed a bit of a break. It didn't feel right for me to gush about polish while my state is still (and will be for quite some time) picking up the pieces of Hurricane Sandy. Today, I finally got back into the classroom and it felt good to be back!

While my home turned into an icebox, I grabbed a few polishes and fled to warmth. This was my first mani I did post-hurricane. While I do love a good Dior polish (just take a look at my Dior wish list haha), I am continuously impressed with the product I see at Forever 21. This is one of the polishes that just blew my mind.

The creatively titled "Purple Glitter" is way more than that. Purple and blue microglitter in a gorgeous shimmery lavender base. I decided not to layer this one. What you see is two coats. Not even bumpy in the slightest. Oh boy, I want to put this back on. And for $2.80? I may need a back up. This baby looks crazy different in different lighting. Hope you don't mind my too many pictures.

In the sunlight, a totally different shade of purple.
 Let's see that again:

Thanks for sticking with me while I deal with the aftermath of a storm we were entirely unprepared for. I still have some Breast Cancer Awareness and Halloween nails that I did that I didn't get to show you due to lack of power. Hope you don't mind me showing them, because really, we should be aware of cancer all year long and well, Halloween is just damn cool.

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