Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OPI Ink Suede. Lemming Fulfilled!

My awesome polish friend Jen from My Nail Polish Obsession arranged a swap with me as she found some of my OPI suede lemmings! I can't tell you how amazing her side of the swap is, and I still owe her my end of the swap. I hope she loves it and doesn't slay me for being so late! I had planned on some shopping but alas, the hurricane consumed two weeks of my life and this week, I returned to work completely overwhelmed.

Anywho, I posted her swap package on my Facebook page, so make sure you "like" my page. It was matte/suede heaven.

I tried Ink Suede first because it was what I grabbed first. Two coats and it looked so cool. Of course, the suedes do not last as long as normal nail polish. What is weird is that I did not get tip wear but rather random parts of the middle of my nail chipping (see the last picture). I also was especially hard on my nails when I wore this as I had to empty out a refrigerator that had no power for days (boy, that was smelly and gross).

EDIT: Today is World Diabetes Day, and the color to represent it is blue. How perfect! Although with top coat Ink Suede leans purple, without top coat, it is definitely more blue!

I have a few more suedes to show you!

See what I mean about chipping in the middle of the nail?

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  1. Gorgeous color! I love the photo over the jeans, perfect match right? No slaying will be going on, promise. xoxo.


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