Monday, June 21, 2021

Zoya Cosmic Pop Trio, Swatches and Review

Press Sample

All right y'all, I have a confession. When I received the Zoya Easy Neons, I thought fun, neons! I can post this in late June since it's a summer collection. But then the summer Dreamin' collection and I went "whoops, guess the neons weren't the summer collection." Then came the Cosmic Pop trio and well, now I am behind! I decided to start by showing the Cosmic Pop trio since this is actually a limited edition collection, so if you want it, don't wait. Also, these have been some of my favorite Zoyas in a long time! So let's take a look!

Here is my collage in the sun! You will see for my photos, I have pictures of the polishes in OTT lighting and then direct sun and shade. These colors are so dimensional and complex and in person, they are just so much more wow!

First, this trio will be sold as a set for $36 which includes 3 Z-wide brushes and base and top coat. The value is $73 so that is a huge discount!

Celestia: 3 coats plus top coat, but 2 coats was enough. "Celestia can best be described as a silver-pearlescent, densely packed rainbow holographic." This is jewelry on your nails! I love the striking blue-violet shimmer in this. This will be awesome in the winter with snow stamping or just all year long. It is so pretty!

Polaris: 3 coats plus top coat. "Polaris can best be described as a rose gold densely packed holographic with a veil of color." While I absolutely love all three polishes, this one is my favorite. I love the champagne/rose gold base and the blue, violent, and pink shimmer within it. It is just so stunning. I cannot wait to put this back on! This is a unique Zoya for sure!

Eradani: 3 coats plus top coat. This one was a little thick and patchy so I preferred very thin coats. "Eradani can best be described as a magenta densely packed holographic with a kiss of color that is buildable." I love the bits of blue and pink in this one, making it much more than your standard sparkly purple. This is just so dimensional! But I would say this one had the most difficult formula and was thicker than the others.

I love the complexity in this polishes and they are just so much prettier in person. You won't be disappointed! The trio will be $36 for the bundle and you can pre-order it now. 

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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  1. I love your swatches for this collection! The collection itself wasn’t my fave but it definitely was a whole lotta fun. I also thought the Easy Neons was a Summer collection as well LOL. Apparently it’s more of a transition collection or spring. Ah well.


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