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Stella Chroma Ticket Stub in Your Hand Collection

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Happy Wednesday everyone! Today, I am sharing the newest collection from Stella Chroma! The Ticket Stub in Your Hand collection is inspired by Phish! If you have never heard of Phish, well, they are a jam band! Going to their concerts is a legit experience haha. I was lucky enough to go to one of their concerts like 12 years ago haha. Phish tickets are so artistic and beautiful. I searched and searched and could not find mine, but I know these colors were on it! If you don't know Phish, this is a gorgeous collection, so let's take a look!

This collection releases June 18th at noon EST. It is not a limited edition collection and all polishes will be $13.00. The full set will be available from 6/18-7/2 at the discounted price of $55. The first 40 full set orders will get a free holographic sticker as well, which you can see later in my post. From the maker, "This collection was designed by Mr. STELLA CHROMA and is inspired by the band Phish and their amazing summer tours. It's really quite the experience. Sort of like a mini traveling music festival with some circus vibes thrown in. :) As such, the base colors in this collection are all bright, bold, and fun!"

*As a reminder, I take photographs in OTT lighting, direct sun, indirect sun, and then in the shade. This is so you can see the polishes in all lighting!*

Roses Are Free: 3 coats. "This is a bright, popping pink polish that is creamy and smooth to apply. It's got a heavy helping of green/gold shifting shimmer." I had the tiniest VNL at two coats, so I added a third, but I think two will be enough for most. This is going to be on my toes for sure! I love the green shimmer and it is just gorgeous.

Halley's Comet: 2 coats. "This is a vivid orange linear holo that has a red/gold flash." This is summer in a bottle. It's like Summer Sandals, but orange! I love how it was opaque in just two coats and it just screams sparkle to me. The sun shows off the linear holo and the shade shows off the shifting flash. Love it. 

Seven Below: 2 coats plus top coat. I magnetized this on the first and second coat and with top coat. "I was inspired by a Sprite can. literally. lolol! A muted grass green packed with silver magnetic flakies truly has a metallic green look!" Yup, this is fun! The magnet with the silver flakes makes it look almost yellow gold. This reminds me of green seaglass too. Love it!

So I can't read and did not realize this was magnetic at first and had swatched it with two coats alone. I wanted to share it because if you don't own a magnet (Stella Chroma sells them) then you can still see the beauty of this polish.

Divided Sky: 2 coats plus top coat. Then matte.  "This polish has a sky blue creme base and a scattering of contrasting multichrome flakies that shine red/gold/green." Yes!! I love this shade of blue. It is bright but not neon and so summery. I love the pop of flakes in it!

Check out how the flakes pop with matte top coat. The matte also mellows out the color.

You Enjoy Myself: 2 coats plus top coat. Then with matte top coat. "This is a medium purple cream shade that is accented by iridescent flakies that flash red, green, yellow, and blue." I have said many times that purple polish is not my favorite, so when I love one, it means it is truly awesome. I think this one has the perfect amount of blue undertones and it's so pretty. The flakes pop!

Flakes demand matte top coat and I loooove it. The flakes pop and show off their shifty colors. I love how it looks.

As I mentioned above, the first 40 people to order the full collection will get this free sticker! It's super duper holographic and gorgeous!

Again, this collection retails for $13 or $55 for the entire collection until July 2. They release June 18th, so set a reminder on your phone!

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  1. These are nice, love the orange :-D

    1. I think they will be the crowd favorite! Such a pretty shimmer and holo.


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