Sunday, June 20, 2021

Pusheen Calender Series: Cattitude

 Press Sample

Hello there! Pusheen is saying hello to you today by kicking the water dish. Cats are so funny. A kitty I once had (may she rest in peace) would always want fresh food. If it was more than five minutes old, nope, kicked it away. So when I saw this art, I immediately thought of kitty and chose to do that image. 

I have to say that I was hoping for something more fun for my birthday month. Instead, I have cat phrases and I chose the one where Pusheen is giving some attitude. Why? Because I always try to vary what Pusheen art I do. The goal is never to have two that are alike.

I never quite line up the art on my nails correctly, but you get the idea. Pusheen on one nail and the kicked water bowl on the other. I love how it looks and I feel like I picked the perfect blues for this!

Here are the colors that I used for this art. 

  • Base: Jessica Cosmetics Cool in the Pool
  • Pink: Jessica Cosmetics Center Stage
  • Water blue: Jessica Cosmetics Blueberry Creme
  • Greys: Girly Bits Greyzed and Confused and Hit or Mist
  • Outline: Jessica Phenom #LoveThisLook

I did some simple dots on the other nails to remind me of water drops, since Pusheen is kicking the water bowl LOL. 

Hope your cat treats you better haha but cattitude is what makes cats so fun!

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