Thursday, June 24, 2021

Zoya Cosmic Pop Gradient

Press Sample

When I shared the swatches of the Cosmic pop Trio yesterday, you knew I would be back with some art! Lately, because of the heat and humidity, I like to keep my art simple, because it means less time in my tiny and hot nail polish room. What's funny is I usually love the simplest art, so let's take a look at this because these polishes are limited edition!

A trio meant that I had to do a gradient, because these colors screamed for it! I have to say that when I do a gradient with three colors, it is like my first day doing my nails. I am always a mess and end up finishing clean up in the shower the next day hahah. And yes, I do use a latex protective coat on my nails---can you imagine the mess without it?! 

The colors had a natural gradient. I used a sheer white base, just hoping for easier removal LOL. Then on a makeup sponge, I painted stripes of Celestia, Polaris, and Eradina and dabbed them on my nails. I had to do 2-3 coats of this per nail. The only issue what Eradina, as it is a thicker polish, and dried funky and fast on the sponge, so work quickly! I used one coat of top coat but you may want to use two as there was a little texture poking through, but it did not bother me. 

I will note that I knew Eradina would give me issues and it did. My mani chipped within 12 hours and after 24 hours, there was significant chips. If you want a longer lasting mani, I suggest a gradient of just Celestia and Polaris, which would still be gorgeous. Also, this is definitely hard glitter, so I did need to use more elbow grease for removal, but luckily, like 4 nails had half chipped off already LOL. I can't even tell you how gorgeous this was in the sun! STUNNING.

Again, this trio will be $36 for the bundle which includes the three colors, base and top coat, and three z-wide brushes and you can pre-order it now. These colors are limited edition, so I do not know how long they will be available.

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