Saturday, June 12, 2021

9th Blogiverysary: Neon Smoosh Nail Art

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If you have not noticed, I usually reach for rainbow and neons for my birthday manicure, which is always my blog anniversary post. It is actually what started this blog back in 2012. I cannot believe I have been blogging for nine years. Yes, I say that each year. Each year, I wonder how long I will keep this up, despite all the things that occur. For example, another blog has decided to copy my blog. SIGH. It's so much work and my blog still has not recovered from the forced 3 week break. I also am still banned from posting links on Facebook and Instagram. So this blogging thing seems to fight me, despite me still wanting to share art. So let's look at this one.

I almost always pull out KBShimmer polishes for summer nail art and always my birthday manicure. Pastel neons are some of my favorite colors. I basically wear KBShimmer Leggo My Mango and Papaya Don't Preach on my toes all summer (imagine my sadness when Mango was discontinued!! So glad Papaya is close! I picked out a few neons and at first, was going to do intricate art. Then I decided, meh, I wanted something easy. Smoosh mani it is!

I started with a base of Duri Bunny Slope, which I reach for a lot because it is an off white almost jelly polish. I like that it is not stark white. Then I took the five neons, put small dots of polish on a clear stamper, and blobbed it on my nails! There is no wrong way to do a smoosh mani. Each nail looks different and fun. I decided to add a holo top coat over it for a little sparkle, because why not?


Below are the colors I used. I wanted to keep it all KBShimmer but the Barry M just worked so nice! It was a brighter green and Happy Camper (her new color) was a bit too blue for what I was going for!

  • Base: Duri Cosmetics Bunny Slope
  • Pink: KBShimmer Pink or Swim
  • Orange: KBShimmer Papaya Don’t Preach
  • Yellow: KBShimmer Sand By Me
  • Green: Barry M Greenberry
  • Purple: KBShimmer Bored Shorts
  • Holo top coat: KBShimmer A Star is Formed

Here is the look in the sun! The holo was subtle as I tried other top coats and they were too distracting. I wanted something to give a hint of sparkle!

Neons are so fun in the shade, so I took a quick snap! It looks a little blurry but you can see how the colors glow. I am sure this would be so fun under black light!

So there you have it! If you have made it through nine years of this blog, then congrats!

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  1. Happy nine years :-D This is gorgeous. I hope you get things sorted.

  2. Happy nine years ☺. I love this manicure. I think I have most of these polishes. You inspire me to try new things. Thanks for the great ideas.


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