Friday, June 25, 2021

Stella Chroma Everything The Light Touches

 Nothing to Disclose

Just a simple NOTD today of a color that is no longer available, my b. Of course, you can check trade and sale boards for it. Why do I post NOTDs? Well, as I have been cleaning out and significantly purging my stash, I have been using my blog as an encyclopedia of sorts! Seriously, I have looked at my swatches to see what are close dupes and what can be given away or sold. Actually, I have 300+ polishes that I will be putting for sale (and many more than that that have been given away!). So let's see if this polish makes the cut...just kidding, it is definitely a keeper. 

Everything The Light Touches: 3 coats plus top coat. But really, two coats would suffice. This is a bright golden yellow with holo particles and iridescent flakes. It really is a yellow gold vs a yellow. I just love yellow polishes. You can see a little of my nail line but it is expected with a yellow shimmer and my longer, opaque nails.

Stella Chroma just released her newest collection, which I swatched here. And I had this gorgeous yellow out to wear so I figured, now is the time! 

You know I had to show you this gorgeous polish in the sun. The holo is there but not so linear that it takes away from the base, shimmer, and flakes. I love the smattering of holo like this!

Iridescent flakes are just amazing and I love how they look in the shade. And there are different shades LOL so here are many shots of the gorgeous polish. In person, it's just so easy to see the orange shift so I wanted to share it with you. 


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