Monday, May 10, 2021

Opal Nail Art

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Hello! I have to say, that unintentional three week blog break gave me horrible blog habits. I did these nails like two weeks ago and did not post them. Not only that, but I have wanted to do these nails forever, then I had a break and decided to wait it out. So this has all been one long awaited post for nails I have wanted to do for like 6 weeks.. 

I actually wanted to do this for my anniversary with my darling. But I had such a bad break, I did not want to "waste" my ideas on painful shorties. I wanted to combine a soft pink, with flakes and holo, then top with foil. This is one super sparkly and fun manicure. 

So I wanted something super soft that was not a stark white and chose a sheer pinky color. I knew it would be covered by layered of fun stuff. Check out my colors below:

  • Base: 2 coats of Morgan Taylor American Beauty
  • Flakes: KBShimmer Sol Amazing
  • Holo: KBShimmer A Star is Formed
  • Rose Gold and a little Yellow Gold Foil
  • Not on this hand: Morgan Taylor Barely Bluff which I put over one nail as a jelly sandwich and then decided not to do it for my left hand. 

After I did two coats of the sheer pink, I went in with the literally so amazing KBShimmer Sol Amazing. This is a gorgeous super shifty flake top coat and it looks so cool over really everything. Then I added KBShimmer A Star is Formed, which is a holo top coat. I like it because it is a micro holo  flake top coat and yet sparse, so it is not overpowering. It's hard to explain but it's perfect!

Then I added a bit of rose gold foil, because I am extra. One coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top made it all smooth! 

The sun came out, so I wanted to share how gorgeous this truly is. I just loved it and I loved all the shifting. 

Shifty flake top coats are just my favorite in terms of looking at them in the shade. Just look at all the colors. This is gorgeous. I love how all the finishes work together!

Both of these KBShimmer colors are available now!

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  1. What a great idea - your manicure is beautiful!


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