Monday, May 24, 2021

KBShimmer RV There Yet? Summer 2021

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Happy Monday, y'all! This weekend was really ridiculous heat which basically means summer is coming. I like warm, but I was not really for 92 degrees. Give me 75 please. Anyway, the hot weather is pulling me towards brights and louder colors and what better day than today to show you the new summer KBShimmer RV There Yet? Summer Collection which has nine colors and releases June 1st! This is a huge post, so sit back and relax!

From KBShimmer,

Summer has a particular magic that makes even the oldest adults feel like kids again. It starts with the warmer weather and longer days welcoming us outdoors to soak up the rays. Late nights spent outdoors bring joy while watching lightning bugs glow against the dusky sky. Memories of camping in the backyard have us planning road trips and outings with friends, where bonfire flames illuminate late-night chatter. Parks welcome hikers, campgrounds fill with tents and RVs, and the aromatic charm of food cooked over fire is enhanced by fresh lemonade and sweet watermelon.

Whether your summer is spent in a national park, amusement park, or on your backyard hammock, let KBShimmer take you on an adventure with our nine-piece RV There Yet? Summer collection celebrating the fun of summer vacation. The RV There Yet? Collection launches June 1st, 2021 and retail for $11.00 each.


If you are new to my blog or have not been here in a while, I have a variety of lighting. First is always artificial OTT lighting, then direct sun and indirect sun, then shade

Coast Through Life: 1 coat (no stains). "A vibrant raspberry-leaning purple shade, Coast Through Life is loaded with linear holographic pigment for a bold summer polish. This nearly magenta hue can’t quite decide if it is purple or pink, but it’s best in 2 coats." This baby was perfectly opaque for me in one coat. I was thisclose to adding a second coat, but yeah, this did not need! It is soooooo HOLO. Like in your face, linear flame.

Perfectly Suited: 2 coats. "A yellow nail polish with a hint of chartreuse. Holo glow flakes sparkle in the sunlight, while a golden color-shifting shimmer shows off shades of gold, orange, yellow and lime." This is one of my favorites, as I love golden yellow polishes like this. The holo flakes are epic and I love the shimmer. Don't sleep on this one!

Cruise Control: 3 thin coats. "A nod to the road-weary traveler. A bright cobalt blue is the base for this bold shade. In the light, mint green and gold shimmer easily show off their hues, while a full spectrum of color shyly comes out in lower lighting. In the car or shade, a faded red-orange shifts to a light lime and faded indigo, for a polish perfect for any road trip." This is like an ocean blue that shifts so many colors. It's like all the sea glass colors I can find. I shared a lot of pictures because it has such a shift!

Red, White & Brews: 2 coats plus top coat. "A faded red mega flame polish that will pair perfectly with your favorite cutoffs or a faded 4th of July T-shirt. Loaded with the most holographic glitters we could find, this two-coat jelly reflects light for a glistening polish that puts even the most sparkling diamonds to shame." Just as the color description says, this is a light red with so much holo glitter! This is so bling. Great for Fourth of July!

RV There Yet?: 3 thin coats plus top coat. "A pale, silver-leaning lavender polish. This shade has a strong, copper-forward, color-shifting shimmer. In low light, shades of rich goldenrod yellow and warm red-oranges accent the pale purple hue. In bright light, the gleaming copper is accented by holo glow flakes for a luxe sparkle." This is the namesake of the collection and WOW! This is such a unique color and I love love love it. The base is awesome and the copper shimmer is really beautiful. A+!

Happy Camper: 2 coats.  "A nod to the popular retro vibe. A near aqua, teal-leaning robin's-egg blue, this bright crème shade would be just as perfect on a pull-behind as it would be on your toes at the beach. While this shade gives nearly one-coat coverage, we prefer 2 for a creamy summer-ready shade." I did almost get one coat with this! It's a bright yet not so neon blue teal and it's really fun for summer!

Pitcher This: 3 thin coats plus top coat. "A cherry-leaning polish loaded with colorful, shifting shimmer. In the light, bright gold and copper shimmer accent the scattering of glowing holo flakes. In the shade, the shimmer shows off more muted tones of orange, lime, and red. Sometimes, a hint of blue and violet can be seen, turning this cherry shade into fuchsia." I just love those holo flakes that can be found in Perfectly Suited and RV There Yet. The hint of blue shimmer makes this so fun as it was totally unexpected. I won't lie--I don't always read the color descriptions until I type them into the post, so this was a gorgeous find.

Easy Glowing: 3 thin coats plus top coat. "A neon chartreuse jelly nail polish. This electric shade is loaded with color-shifting flakes that show off hues of orange, lemon, and lime. Bold and bright, this jelly shade looks best layered in 2-3 coats and finished with a glossy top coat. Easy Glowing also glows under blacklight." Yessss I am down with the chartreuse! I absolutely love this fun neon. Add some shifting flakes and it makes it a tad more wearable in my opinion. Lovely!

Lights Out: 2 coats. "A nod to the calm sleep that comes after a day of adventure. A midnight-to-purple multichrome, Lights Out starts with a nearly black, not quite navy hue that quickly flips to a warm magenta. Ember hues give way to rich golds and a grape-like purple, for a unique, midnight-inspired nail polish. Lights Out is best in 2 coats." I do feel like multichromes blend together so unless they are in front of me and I compare them, I do not know how this differs. I like the inspiration and it will certainly make for a gorgeous backdrop to some starry night camping stamping!

These colors will be available June 1st and retail for $11 each. I have quite a few favorites but for me Perfectly Suited, Pitcher This, Easy Glowing, RV There Yet? and Cruise Control are my favorites!


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    1. Thanks, Jen! There are so many gorgeous colors to choose from!

  2. I always look forward to your KB swatches. They are color accurate. Thank you.

    1. Thank YOU! I try to share the polish in a variety of lightings and don't get too fancy with photos so I can give you the most honest photos! Hope you found some you love!

    2. I love Kb shimmer polishes and usually buy most of them lol. But with your swatches I know what color to expect. I recently bought a picture polish and the color was nothing like the description or the swatches. So I really appreciate your honest swatches and reviews. Thanks again.


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