Thursday, May 20, 2021

Abstract Nail Art with Stella Chroma Spring Skies

 Press Sample

Hello all! I am finally sharing some abstract art with the Stella Chroma spring 2021 collection. Did you catch my post in the Stella Chromatics fan group where I posted my wear test of Fair Weather Cumulus after two weeks?! Make sure to join the group! But I am here today for my abstract art!

I struggle with creating nail art with collections that are all gorgeous shimmers! So I decided to put them together through some abstract art. This blob look is something I see all the time on instagram and it is definitely a mainstream nail art look. I actually do a dry brush with dots look like this a lot, but this time, I blobbed the colors!

My base is Stella Chroma Deer Abby, which is an older color and no longer available. I love that it's a bright but not white color. It's like a very pale beige with some light shimmer/holo flakes. 

Then I took all four colors of the Spring Skies collection and added random blobs! Lastly, I took Stella Chroma New Moon and a striping brush and added small blobs/lines. Those small dots/lines connect the blobs together.

So there you have it! Easy art that anyone can do! The Spring Skies collection is available now for $13 each. I love love love this collection!


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