Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Pusheen Calendar Series: Pusheen Napping with Plants

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Apparently, May is about relaxation....LOL. For me, it is final papers and final exams and tabulating grades and staff meetings and end-of-semester ramblings. I am glad to say I have entered my final grades in and I am done. But Pusheen has other ideas. This includes napping and being surrounded my succulents and house plants. Can I be Pusheen? 

I went with the sleeping Pusheen inspiration, which I have done before with this series and then surrounded Pusheen with a variety of plants that are on the image! It is so calming and this look came out wonderfully (imo). 


In an ideal world, I would fit all of the plants and Pusheen on one nail, but that was not possible, so I spread the scene across all my nails!

I had just gotten in the new Jessica Cosmetics collection and they worked perfectly for this color palette!


  • Base: Jessica Sand (new for Spring 2021)
  • Yellow: Jessica Sunglow (new for Spring 2021)
  • Orange: Jessica Apricot Ice (new for Spring 2021)
  • Greens: Jessica Love You Very Matcha and Stella Chroma Fenway
  • Brown: Zoya Kinsley
  • Greys: Girly Bits Hit and Mist and Greyzed and Confused
  • Outline: Jessica Phenom #LoveThisLook

I just love the soothing environment of this look. The colors are calm but also stand out against each other. I love it!

Hope you are having a relaxing May, just like Pusheen!

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