Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Duri Retro Wave Collection

 Gifted by a Friend

Hey all! So a friend recently thought I would like to try out Duri nail polish and sent me a gift of three of their collections! Hence my weird disclaimer because I did not purchase these but they were not gifted by the company. So I figured I would do proper swatches and start with their Spring 2020 collection! I actually wore two of these polishes independently too, so this collection has been getting a lot of love! I have seen Duri polishes online but never purchased them before. Now I see I have been missing out!

 I shared 4/6 polishes in direct sunlight, just so you could see more of the shimmers and speckles. The other photos are all in OTT lighting. 

Cotton Candy Sky: 2 coats plus top coat. Light pink lemonade speckle. I looooove the finish of this polish and am wearing this on its own as I type. For a white-based polish, it perfectly covered in two coats. So when I went to put it on, from start to finish it was a ten minute mani and I love those haha. The speckles are pink and orange to my eye, so it creates a cool end result.

Diner Date: 2 coats. Coral pink creme. I love the name of this polish. Since I am from New Jersey, diner culture is life. I love to go to the diner with my love. Disco fries for life! Hahaha. Not sure how the coral connects, but to me, it's an excellent color and goes on like butter!

Dream Pop: 2 coats plus top coat. Soothing lavender creme. While this is soothing, it's almost leaning neon. It's so pretty. Again, this has an excellent formula at two coats.

Peace and Love: 2 coats plus top coat. Mint green with golden shimmer. I am not sure this is the minty-est color. It is actually sort of murky, which I love. It adds a funk! The shimmer is really pretty in this and I do love it for a spring green.


Speck-Tacularly Me: 2 coats plus top coat. Speckled baby blue. I put this one on immediately and wore it for a full week. I just love white nail polish in general and this one is so pale, it almost leans white. Any white-ish color that covers in two coats is a huge winner. I have a feeling this might become my go-to polish!

Vinyl Records: 2 coats plus top coat. Tan polish with golden shimmer. This is so unique for a spring collection. It is not often you see browns or tans so I love when companies think outside the box. The golden shimmer is really pretty and it almost looks like flecks in the polish.

So there you have it! The entire collection was 2 coats and that is a huge winner for me! I love the formulas and the colors are great!
You can find the Retro Wave collection HERE and they retail for $8 each. But they do have a bundle price of $44 for the entire collection. 

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