Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Stella Chroma Spring Skies Collection

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Oh hello everyone. I have the newest collection from Stella Chroma and Truly. I thought The Sopranos collection was my favorite Stella Chroma collection ever. But then she had to go and one-up herself and wow, I am in love with each other these calming and beautiful collection. It releases 3/26, and you will want to jump online and grab these immediately.

This collection was inspired as the namesake says: Spring Skies. Below, I have added descriptions for each color and I can totally imagine them! I created more collages also, because I could not decide on one, haha. cohesive is this collection?

For all the colors, I started with OTT lighting, then direct sun and indirect sun. Then I added matte top coat (to 3) and did the same and included shade photos!

Fair Weather Cumulus: 3 coats plus top coat. "Inspired by a beautiful sunrise I got to witness while driving to the day job earlier this year. The sky was a pale periwinkle. The clouds lit up with pinks, yellows, and greens. And as the sun rose, I swear the sky shimmered orange. I did my best to capture that in this polish." I put this one first and was so upset because I did not want to take it off. I do not have a huge stash of pale periwinkle polishes and well, I need more. This one is perfect with just the hint of holo sparkle and stunning shimmer.

The shimmer explodes in the sun and it is so gorgeous. Again, as you look through the photos with the different lighting, you will see the bits of surprise in this polish.

I actually love pale polishes and when I matted this, my mouth dropped. It is so beautiful. I think it might be my favorite of the collection!

Mammatus Clouds: 3 coats plus top coat then matte. "A soft pink studded with holographic silver sparkle. Inspired by the thick, puffy clouds seen about 15 minutes before a big thunderstorm rolls in." Just to mention, this is very similar to the February 2017 color Love (which was one of my favorite collections that year). If you do not have that, trust me, don't miss out again. This is so soft and lovely. The holo shimmer is just enough. Not too much to overpower the base but gives it that extra oomph that you can see even more in the sunshine pictures.


I just absolutely adore this one matte. The matte almost greys it out a bit and makes it extra moody. Yes, please!

Before The Storm: 2 coats plus top coat then matte. "A creamy light olive inspired by the eerie green shade the sky turns before a big storm hits." I am a big green polish gal, so I knew I would gravitate to this. It is a nice departure from the other colors yet fits the theme of it. I love the gold flakes! I don't think I have seen them before. I usually see silver. I love the sage base. It all works.

Mid Level Shear: 3 coats, then with top coat. "A sheer matte pink highlighted by shifting green/yellow/orange/gold flakies. Inspired by the whispy, feathery clouds that sweep across the sky and the way they light up when the sun goes down." This is the one matte polish. This entire collection was made to be with matte. I love it. The flakes shift so much but they hid for my photos. The green was like hello, but did not show up too much. I love the flakes in this. I totally can see this color in the sky!

And here is the polish with top coat. Ack, so gorgeous! I cannot wait to do art with this collection!

The Spring Skies Collection launches on March 26. They will retail for $13 each. The full set will be available from 3/26-4/9 at the discounted price of $46. If I were you, I would grab the entire collection. It is calming and soothing and perfect for all year! I know I will be wearing these colors over and over!

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