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Stella Chroma The Sopranos Collection

 Press Sample

So this new collection makes me laugh because if you grew up in northern New Jersey when The Sopranos was on, you had a deep connection with this show. Not only did they film throughout the area, I remember they would do casting calls at my school! I know a few people who have been extras on the show! It was just a thing that happened! Of course, I was way too young to watch it when it was airing, but everyone knew it. So when Pam of Stella Chroma told me she was making a collection based off the show, I was like, let me tell you about some stuff! LOL.

From Pam, the maker:

"Mr STELLA CHROMA and I have a deep love for HBO's The Sopranos. Ww were poor college students when it originally aired, and we saved money to spring for cable AND HBO during the season! There were no streaming services back then. Now, we own the series on DVD and I can't count how many times we've rewatched it. It's growing in popularity again and I started listening to the Talking Sopranos podcast. And with that, I HAD to make a collection based on our favorite series!"

Before I move on to the swatches, I am proclaiming this my favorite Stella Chroma collection yet. Like really. Every color and finish is stunning and works so well together!

Ever Try Our Sausages?: 3 thin coats. "The dingy, red brick store front of Satriale's is where many a deal, sit down, or other sinister things took place. We feel the places in The Sopranos were just as important as the characters, so we had to create a pretty brick red as a nod to the pork store." You could do two thicker coats but I prefer thinner coats but I wanted more shimmer. When I wear red polish, this is the color I love. It's deep and awesome and the gold just pops off the base.


He Was A Saint: 3 coats. "Livia Soprano was the original matriarch of the Soprano family. She was also quite the... character. From plotting and planning and running the mob family by influencing Uncle Junior to faking dementia to exclaiming "He was a saint!" whenever anyone mentioned her dear Johnny. This demure old lady demanded attention. So does her tribute shade. A creamy nude with an attention getting flash of pink." I love this and it is definitely my favorite. I really like special neutral polishes. The shimmer shifts and it is really gorgeous against the base. I loveeeee it. Can't wait to wear it again.



Family Man: 3 thin coats. "Tony Soprano is the boss. And he wants everyone to know it. Unless the Feds are on his tail, in which case he's happy to let Uncle Junior take the fall. A bad guy. A murderer. A Gangster. A Father. A husband. And we all rooted for him. We are ALL Agent Harris. Tony is giant and imposing, and color is modeled after his giant, imposing Suburban." This is an eggplant crelly with holo flakes in it. I prefer thin coats because I wanted more flakes. I am not a purple person, but I love this!

Long Term Parking: 3 coats plus top coat. "Adriana La Cerva is one of our favorite characters. Did anyone in the show have a bigger heart than her? You won't convince us otherwise. She did make some bad decisions. Some REALLY bad decisions. But that one... She was only thinking of a future for her and Christopher. And what color but gold could we choose to represent Adriana?" If you know me, you know I love gold polish and hello, this is it! Not only is it fabulous and blingy, but it is sooo festive. I will just repeat myself and say gorgeous!

Pine Barrens: 3 coats.  "Pine Barrens is our very favorite Sopranos Episode. Paulie and Christopher are very much a gangster Odd Couple. Scorched on our brains is Christopher Moltisanti wrapped in carpet and Paulie Walnuts... shoeless with wings taking flight at the side of his head. Freezing cold walking through the wilderness. TV gold! This evergreen jelly is a nod to that duo and this episode." Yea this is probably the funniest episode of the series and probably the episode I have seen the most. I really prefer thinner coats and yes, that means more flakes! I am a huge fan of the shift and I can't wait to stamp over this!

I will be back eventually with this collection and some art, but you can see how well the colors mesh together. It is a stunning collection! Like I said, my favorite SC collection yet!

This collection releases November 27th. It will be available as a set through December 11th at the discounted price of $59. However, each color will be available by the individual bottle at $13 each.

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  1. Thanks for your review!! It’s saying something that this is your favorite of our collections, because you’ve reviewed them all!


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