Thursday, November 5, 2020

Zoya Luscious Fall 2020, Swatches and Review

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So don't judge me. I have had these swatched for like two months. It's ridiculous. Of course, my Halloween schedule and being overwhelmed, these just sat. That's obnoxious because I already have the winter collection waiting here. A lot of these shades are transitional from fall to winter and you know what, it is still autumn, so let's check these out!

Zoya Andrea: 2 coats. "A cool-toned, duo-chrome metallic with a purple and green shift" This one stained slightly, which surprised me. I like that Zoya is trying out some duochrome and it definitely has a fun shift in the shade outside. 

Zoya Bentley: 2 coats. "A deepened grape cream." This one also stains slightly but it has a gorgeous stamping quality and it super shiny!

Zoya Lisa: 2 coats. "A rich garnet red cream." This one definitely stains, lol, that is the thing they have in common. When I say stain, it is because they are so opaque. The stains do come off but wear base coat. Another potential stamper!

Zoya Lou: 2 coats. "A deep spruce blue cream with a kiss of green" A little staining here but that was expected with this color. I really love this color because that kiss of green makes all the difference.

Zoya Mel: 2 coats. "A slightly muted forest green cream." This is my first of my favorites. I love this green. I love the formula. I love it all!

Zoya Patrice: 3 coats but 2 for shorter nails. "A neutral blush with a rainbow and gold micro-shimmer." This one surprised me. I thought it would pull yellow on me, but it is really pretty without being over the top. The base color calms it down.

Zoya Sharon: 3 coats. 2 had some balding. "A red-toned wild berry cream." I feel like I have seen this color before, but it is definitely a standard fall color.

Zoya Soleil: 2 coats, but almost a one coater! "A warm sparkling cider metallic." My next favorite. Cider metallic? Yes please! This is one you should not miss out on. It is stunning.

Zoya Tasha: 2 coats. "A sensual brunette brown metallic." If you don't gradient this with Soleil, are you even someone who likes polish?! I kid. But really, how stunning is this color? A gradient is definitely on my to-do list!

Zoya Teresa: 3 coats as 2 had some balding. "A deep purple toned ruby metallic" This is a funky color. It is definitely not ruby or metallic so I don't understand that description but it is a dusty muted purple with shimmer. 

Zoya Tommy: 2 coats but 1 is enough! "A blue toned slate grey cream." My absolute favorite of the collection. Fabulous formula. Fabulous color. It is my number one!

Zoya Wanda: 3 coats. "A cool-toned rouge pink with a gold and rainbow micro-shimmer." This is the odd ball of the collection but I don't hate it. It is so bright for a fall collection but the shimmer makes it special. It's an atypical fall pink and I appreciate when Zoya thinks outside the box. 

My absolute favorites are Tommy, Soleil, Mel, and Tasha. A lot of the cremes are super opaque, so I plan on using them as stamping polishes! A lot of Zoya cremes are actually excellent stampers.

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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  1. This is a nice collection, some winners :-D

    1. Zoya always has awesome cremes. These all stamp too!


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