Friday, November 27, 2020

December 2020 Polish Pickup Offerings: Everything is Fine

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Sure it might be Black Friday, but it is also a week before Polish Pickup! I have just a handful this month and They are such winners, as usual, so let's check them out! The theme is Everything is Fine 2020, which is a play on well, what 2020 was and still is. 

Alter Ego
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Acetone Additive
Cost & Cap: $5, no cap.
Product Description: This is an unscented acetone additive, that helps with keeping your skin moisturized.
Thoughts: Definitely moisturizes and works great when removing polish!

Can You Spare Any Change?: 3 coats plus top coat.
Cost & Cap: $9.50, no cap.
Inspiration & Color Description: This is a silver chrome polish with a holo copper glitter blend. This is obviously a play on the fact that there was a coin shortage due to COVID and the lack on money being exchanged.
Thoughts: I love the copper pennies in this base. This polish is uber sparkly and super fun!


Cozy at Home Sugar Scrub
Cost and Cap: $10, no cap.
Scent: Cozy At Home hand and body scrub is probably my favorite scent of 2020. At first, the scent is sweet, and I get a hint of vanilla, but then deeper notes of tonka bean start to come through. Rich and complex, subtle floral notes from vanilla and jasmine add depth, while a very subtle hint of patchouli anchors this intoxicating blend. Perfect for dry, winter skin, let Cozy At Home transform your bath into a private, cozy sanctuary.
Thoughts: This is also one of my favorite KB scrub scents of the year! It is really well balanced between warm and sweet.



Cats & Pajamas: 2 coats plus top coat.
Cost & Cap: $10, no cap.
Inspiration & Color Description: Cats & Pajamas is a nod to flannel pajamas and the animals that keep us company while at home. A blue-leaning gray crelly base is flecked with glowing holo flakes. Color-shifting flakes shift between fuchsia, pink and orange. Cat & Pajamas offers coverage in 2 coats, but longer nails may prefer 3.
Thoughts: This is also probably my favorite KB PPU of the year! The base color, the shimmer, the flakes. I love everything! Excellent formula. I cannot wait to put this back on!



Stella Chroma

Citrus Sage Emulsified Sugar Scrub
Cost & Cap: $6.50 for 2.5 oz jar, no cap
Scent: Inspired by the need for a 40 ft long sage bundle to cleanse the dumpster fire that is 2020, we created an essential oil blend of citrus fruits and sage that has lightly scented our scrub this month. Thoughts: Love how fresh and inspired this is! It is an excellent balance of earthiness and amazing fruit! Love this and it's such a great formula. 

Social Distancing in Style: 2-3 coats plus top coat. I did three, but it did not make a difference, so two is all you need. 
Cost & Cap: $13 for 15mL, no cap.
Inspiration & Color Description: This creamy purple base is thick with shifting shimmers that shine gold/green/purple/magenta. Inspired by the attached meme with the lady in a giant hoop skirt. 🤣.
Thoughts: This shimmer! Love how it jumps off the purple base. As you all know, I am not a purple person, so when I love one, it has to be special. This is very special. Don't miss out!

Love all these polishes! So make sure on this Black Friday that you save some $$$ for Polish Pickup!

These polishes and both & body products will be available December 4-7 in the Polish Pickup shop. Shipping is flat rate $3 in the US and $5 to Canada.

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Products in the post provided for honest review.

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