Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Lollipop Posse Lacquer 2020 Playlist Collection

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 Welcome to the Lollipop Posse Lacquer 2020 Playlist Collection! "Inspired by Karen’s Spotify “On Repeat” 2020 playlist! Three vibrant jewel tones and three pastels, all filled with glowing, shifting Aurora shimmer." This is such a special shimmery collection that have a lot of shifts and dimension so grab your morning coffee or tea and take a look at all the photos!


Everything Must Go Away: 3 coats. "A dusky gray lavender crelly filled with a neon pink, purple, and even green to peach shifting Aurora shimmer." This was my immediate favorite of the bunch so I actually wore it for a few days before swatching. So pretty! I am all about the dusky grey polish and the shimmer just amps it up!

Play Parts of Tomorrow: 3 coats.  "A pastel clover green crelly filled with a unique Aurora shimmer that shifts between purple, pink, pastel green, and silvery blue." I am really feeling the pastel multichrome colors! This is so icy and pretty. I can see myself reaching for this winter manis and stamping silver and white over it. And it is so shifty!

All Things Go: 3 coats. "A pale lavender crelly highlighted by a bright aqua, green, and blue shifting Aurora shimmer." The shimmer in this is so IN YOUR FACE and the aqua just explodes off the purple base. Again, I love these light pastel colors. These do feel so wintry to me. 

Heat Couldn’t Melt Me: 3 coats. "A juicy, magenta crelly filled with neon blue to purple shifting Aurora shimmer." This is almost neon-y because it is so bright and the shimmer makes the color loud! These colors are so shifty and awesome and this one is included!

In the Flood: 3 coats. "A vibrant, cerulean blue crelly packed with bright blue, green, and purple shifting Aurora shimmer.: This is the other bright color of the collection. It is almost neon but that shifting shimmer really tones it down. Digging how fun this is.


 Less is Always More: 3 coats. "A jewel-toned grape crelly filled with a gold, peach, green, and even blue shifting Aurora shimmer." This is the color I think everyone will want. It is so shifty and it has that purple base that so many love. This reminds me of Fantasy Fire from back in the day. I bet this would be awesome layered over a darker color too!


So what do you think? This entire collection released Thursday, November 26th @ 8 PM EST - Thursday, December 3rd @ 8 PM EST (or while supplies last). Each color will retail for $12.50. The full collection will be on sale for $67.50 through 12/3.

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