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KBShimmer Mix It Up Collection, Swatches and Review

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Hey now! So I am late with this post. You have probably already seen the newest awesome KBShimmer neon collection. But as I posted a few posts ago, March and April were surprise lost causes as far as my nails and swatching. I am happy to say I am almost caught up on all swatching and have been enjoying nail art.  KBShimmer creates some amazing neon collections, and the pastel neons will forever be my most used and most favorite polishes that I reach for all the time. I’m excited to see a collection ready for summer so let's check it out.


The Mix It Up Collection

Get out your neon, pop in your favorite mixtape, and join KBShimmer as we head back in time to when big hair, roller rinks, and trips to the mall ruled. Hotter than your crimper, six bold crème nail polish shades and a glitter topper are here to take you back.


Mix It Up: 3 coats plus top coat. This neon shade leans more watermelon than bubblegum, for a hot pink shade perfect for showing off in sandals. This blacklight reactive shade is best worn in two to three coats. This is so bright it will make you squint. In fact, this entire collection is so bright, but especially the first three colors. I like that hint of orange to this pink that makes it merge into that watermelon world. It was a close coverage at two coats, but I opted for a third.  You might experience a little bit of staining on the cuticles for this and the next polish upon removal, but it does come off if you do a separate lint free wipe.



Totally Outrageous: 3 coats plus top coat. Totally Outrageous is a neon red-orange crème polish that will take you back. This vibrant coral shade leans slghtly orange for a radiant color ideal for warm summer days. Two to three coats offer full coverage for this blacklight reflective shade. I love a neon orange, especially for pedicures and this is a great alternative. As the description mentions, it has a little bit of red to it so that it is not a straight orange that you might be used to. It is definitely different from previous neon oranges we have seen from KBShimmer, which I will share in a separate post. 


Let’s Bounce: 3 coats plus top coat. Let’s Bounce is a vivid chartreuse nail polish. This daringly colored shade rides the line between neon yellow and electric lime for an exceptional neon perfect for warmer weather. This juicy blacklight reactive shade is nearer to a crelly in formula and is best in two to three coats. This is like a lemon lime color and it is really fun. It’s not yellow and it is not green. At three coats, I could still see some patching, but I don’t believe in four coats of nail polish so I left it as is. I might consider layering this next time. 

Roll On By: 2 coats plus top coat. Roll On By is a teal crème nail polish that would be right at home in any roller rink. This true teal is the perfect blend of green and blue. Two coats offer full coverage. For best results, follow with a coat of Clearly On Top. This could easily be a one coater, especially if you plan on topping it with a glitter or flake topcoat. For the sake of these photos, I did two coats, but it really didn’t need it. This is one of those not actually neon colors but it’s also pretty bright and does dry down a tiny bit matte  so there is definitely is some neon. I was nervous of staining and I was right to as it definitely left blue on my cuticles. I continued swatching so it’s not so bad but if you see some hints of blue, you know what it is.


To The Max: 2 coats plus top. To The Max is a cornflower crème nail polish reminiscent of retro eyeshadows. This vibrant blue almost leans periwinkle, and provides easy, two-coat coverage. Follow with a coat of Clearly On Top for maximum shine. This is a different kind of neon, but it compliments the other colors in this collection nicely. This is a really pretty spring blue. I added topcoat, but I’m not really sure if it needed it, but I did for the entire collection.


Net Gains: 2 coats plus top coat. Net Gains is a nod to those colorful hair spray containers of the ‘80s and ‘90s. This energetic, violet-leaning purple crème nail polish dries down slightly darker than it shows in the bottle. This shade is best worn in two coats followed by Clearly On Top for maximum shine. This is a very bright purple and it might remind you of a previous KBShimmer, which I will show you in a separate post. It goes on really smoothly, but dries down very matte so it definitely needs topcoat. Once I saw the pictures, I noticed that the bottle itself looks like it is not mixed, but it didn’t look concerning on my nails, but I thought I would mention it for transparency.


Scratch That: coats. Scratch That is a nod to those doodles of yesteryear. A mix of black shred, dot, mini star, and hex glitters combine to create a doodle-like look best worn over crème polishes. One coat followed by Smooth Moves and Clearly On Top will give a glass-like finish to your manicure. Try it over our neon shades for a graffiti-like look. I’ve shown this glitter topcoat over three of the colors in the collection, but I know it’ll look great over any color because it is a black glitter. There are a lot of fun shapes and it’s sort of a surprise on every nail as you paint it. You might choose to dab this on so you do not get too many of one shape one on nail.


Comparison post to come!

These shades are available now and can be found at KBShimmer.com and other online retailers. Each polish retails for $12 USD, and the set of seven polishes will be available for $72 for a limited time.

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.


  1. Amazing collection. I love neons for summer. My toes will be very bright at the beach . I think I will pass on the topper. I love it but it looks a little too chunky . Thanks for sharing . 💜

    1. I really love the pink, orange, and cornflower blue. Just so perfect for pedicures! Depending on the shapes, the top coat is chunky. Next time I use it, I will avoid the star glitters as my nails are too curved.

  2. Gorgeous collection, my favourite is To The Max :-)

    1. Mine too! I think it will get a lot of use for nail art this summer!


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