Thursday, May 9, 2024

KBShimmer Mix It Up Neon Comparisons

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Hi all! I mentioned in the swatch post that I would have a comparison post for the newest KBShimmer neon collection. KBShimmer has released lots of neons over the years, so you might think some look familiar, so I wanted to do a quick comparison post!


Mix It Up vs Color Me Rad


When I saw Mix It Up being referenced to watermelon, I immediately took out Color Me Rad, which was also referenced as watermelon. These could not be anymore different! It is like different shades of ripeness of watermelon!


Totally Outrageous vs Please Don’t Glow Girl

Again, for science, I had to compare these although I knew they were not the same. Totally Outrageous is much lighter and brighter and Please Don't Glow Girl is more of a standard neon orange.

Let’s Bounce vs Lime All Right

So I bet you are saying why did she compare these two? Let’s Bounce is really much more green than it shows here. And in the bottle, Lime All Right looked way closer than the yellow KBs I have. Trust me. LOL. I compared it after I did this post to All the Bright Moves and it is not even close! UPDATE: I added pics comparing it to All the Bright Moves so you can see the green undertones of Let's Bounce.

Roll On By vs Double Pog Dare You

Again, I thought these would be a lot closer because they were teal-based. Roll On By is much darker with more green and Pog is much more blue!

To the Max vs  Harbor A Crush


There was absolutely no KB close to To the Max, but I added one for good measure. I use Harbor a Crush alllll the time, so get both!

Net Gains vs Let’s Be Frank

It is interesting to see how some colors dry so matte and others that you assume would, dry shiny. Net Gains is darker and has more blue in it!

Well, no dupes here! Not that I think KBShimmer would ever dupe herself haha, but none are close at all so feel free to get them all!


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  1. Thanks for the comparison. Nope they are not even close. Besides you can never have too many neons. Thanks for sharing 💜


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