Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Spring Pastel Floral Nail Art

 Partial Press Sample

Happy spring! This was another nail art on my to-do list of nail art that I meant to do in March and April. But hey! It is still spring! So I am down with florals still! I love the muted colors of this, although I am so torn on whether I liked it more matte or shiny, so you be the judge!

I love pulling out old colors. According to my spreadsheet, Rumples Wiggin' was a gift from Jen from My Nail Polish Obsession (remember her blog?!) in 2013! The formula is still amazing.

  • Beige: Lechat Dare to Wear French Vanilla 
  • Purple: OPI Rumples Wiggin'
  • Periwinkle: Jessica Cosmetics Periwinkle Bliss
  • Yellow: Jessica Cosmetics Sunglow
  • Orange: Lechat Dare to Wear Honeybuns
  • Green: OPI This Isn't Greenland


Can we talk about how much I love the green OPI? I remember everyone hating on it but I thought it was so unique! According to my spreadsheet, I bought this for $5 in 2017. Yes, I love my spreadsheet! Also, any bubbles was the top coat's fault.


The purple completely changed with the matte top coat, so I wanted to share it shiny too, which is how I wore it for a few days! The entire look changed with matte and I am not sure which I like more!

Ok, now I think I like it more shiny. I cannot decide! Anyway, I love these muted colors!


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  1. Love this mani. Reminds me of your woodland mushroom nail art from last year. So gorgeous. Do what I do start out matte then go shiny . I love all greens . This isn't Greenland is no exception. I'm pretty sure I paid full price for it cause I needed it lol. Thanks for sharing 💜

    1. Ohhh yes those leaves on the branch are similar styles. I loved that mani so much. I need to do it again. This OPI is so underrated. I absolutely love it!


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