Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Simple Orange Gradient Nail Art

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Ok I am just so behind in posting! After my disastrous gel experience and my nail polish just sliding off, I was way too tired to do my nails. But the thought of going to work without nail polish scarred me so I slapped on some polish! This was it!


So I actually was going to a NY Mets baseball game a few days later, so I opted for orange nails. Their colors are blue and orange. Since I'm just all about autumn, I chose two oranges.

Like I said, it was late so I wanted to do something simple because heaven forbid I go out without polish on. The KBShimmer is much more pink when it is put again an orange, but it appears orange when you look at it on its own.


  • Base: Stella Chroma Pumpkin Everything 🎃 
  • Reflective Gradient: KBShimmer That’s Ranunculus


Here it is with flash to show off that beautiful reflective glow! The reflective against the shimmer creates a really beautiful look. And orange is just perfect for autumn.


I loved this manicure in the sunshine but wanted to share with you how it looked normally. It's so pretty inside and outside and I love how it looks with flash. This was like shimmer under reflective and how fun!

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  1. I love fall colors. This is an amazing manicure. I rarely if ever wear polish to work. Usually base coat only on very short nails. I think most patients wouldn't appreciate it. Thanks for sharing. 💜💜

    1. I agree on the patients but ahhh, when do you wear nail polish then? I feel like my coworkers would be like are you okay?? I'm fully in the autumn orange mood

    2. I work 3 (12hour)shifts a week . The days I have off I polish. I feel like I'm more of a collector of polish these days cause I have so many I haven't worn. I also get holidays that's when I do nail art. Love the orange autumn colors. I have several bottles lined up.

    3. Ohhh that makes sense. I also remove autumn polishes from their Helmers and line them up! Can't miss out on using my favorites.


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