Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Mix and Match Nail Art

Press Sample

Well I did this one weeks ago and I just forgot to post it. Yes, I have moved on to oranges and deeper colors, but this was too cute not to post! Something about brown and blue together makes me happy, so let's get to this!

I wore this in the beginning of September. I meant to make it matte, but life happens. I saw something similar on Pinterest but as usually, I screenshot it and there's no watermark. If you recognize the design, just let me know and I'll edit the post!

This is such an easy look because it is literally just 3 colors!

  • Vanilla: Jessica Cosmetics Moose Milk
  • Brown: Morgan Taylor Neutral By Nature
  • Blue: Jessica Cosmetics Headliner


I loved the idea of mixing the designs and keeping it all the same color palette. For me, the hardest nail was the flower. I stink at petals. LOL. I love the subtle blue and white checker though. And I love milk chocolate browns like this, so yay to it all! I did the same design on the pinky and thumb but mixed up the base colors.

I know I have moved on to deeper colors, but I hope you enjoyed this splash of brightness!

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  1. I love the colors you used. I happen to like your flowers. Great manicure. Thanks for sharing. 💜💜

    1. Thank you! Sorry thought my flower was a snowflake. LOL. The color combo of blue and brown is a classic!


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