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KBShimmer It's Fall About You, Fall 2023 Collection

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It’s officially autumn so it’s time to share an autumn collection! KBShimmer’s new collection released last week and so I am here to show you 150 pictures. Yes, I took over 650 pictures of this collection and narrowed it down for you. So grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy the show. 

It’s Fall About You Collection 

In my opinion, autumn is the perfect season to enjoy the outdoors. Crisp mornings give way to days made for dressing cozy; a worn pair of jeans, new boots, and warm jacket make the ideal outfit to enjoy the cooler weather. Weekends might be spent shopping for picture-perfect gourds and giant mums to start seasonal decorating or heading to a fall festival to browse handmade crafts and fall foliage. A get together with friends to grab a cider donut or warm cup of soup could have you ending the day at a local farm walking through a corn maze or munching on fresh kettle corn in front of a bonfire. This September, KBShimmer brings you the It’s Fall About You collection with new nine polishes inspired by all things autumn.


The Perfect Match is a sheer, but buildable shimmering nail polish. This pale, silvery-white shade hosts a color-shifting shimmer showing off fiery shades of coppery red, glowing peachy orange, warm gold, and lime. Amidst the shimmer is a glowing holographic flake, catching the light for a dash of rainbow sparkle. For a wash of color, wear in one to two coats, or build it up in three for a crelly-like finish. To make the red and orange hues really pop, use as a topper over deeper colors!

The Perfect Match: 3 coats. I love sparkly neutrals like this. When I don’t know what I want to put on my nails, these are the type of polishes I always reach for. They have a neutral base, but then when there’s the added flakes, and the shifting shimmer, it just is so beautiful. I opted to wear this on its own because I know that’s how I will put it back on.



Core Values is a deep jewel-toned red nail polish that sparkles like dew-covered apples. This shiny shade subtly morphs from a deep red hue into maroon and brick tones. Extreme angles in some lighting may even show gold and deep pink hues. This glimmering shade is best in two coats. 

Core Values: 2 coats. What. A. Stunner. This is such a beautiful red, and I really love the sparkle in it. It’s like a super heavy shimmer, but it’s not clunky at all. It’s just a really special polish and I love the shade even without the gorgeous shifts.



Patch Things Up is a boldly pumpkin colored red-orange nail polish. This shimmery shade lights up with glimmering gold color shifts that show off hints of red, pink, and lime. Two coats will cover the nail line for most, but some may prefer three for full coverage. 

Patch Things Up:  2 coats. In the bottle, I thought this one would be a bit summery but once I put it on, there’s a depth to it that definitely makes it scream Halloween. Plus, add some black stamping or nail art on this, and you have got a super fun and bright, pumpkin art. I just want you to know that the shift is so much more prominent in person, I just felt like I could see all the colors of the rainbow in person and my camera just decided not to fully pick it up. 



I Can’t De-Cider is a cider-colored multichrome nail polish loaded with holo glow flakes. Boasting a warm coppery base with hues of yellow, gold and lime, a deeper, near rust orange color can appear in certain angles and lighting. Silver holo flakes spark interest as they catch the light, giving a soft holographic effect. Perfect in two coats, I Can’t De-Cider makes it easy to decide what to wear on your nails! 

I Can’t De-Cider: 2 coats. This has the same finish as The Perfect Match. It has those amazing holo glow flakes, and the amazing shifting shimmer. Of course it’s in a perfect cider-yellow base. I love yellow nail polishes like this. Mustard and autumn yellows are my favorites. This one is my favorite!



Go Big Or Gourd Home is a shimmery pine green nail polish. Loaded with color-shifting shimmer, the sparkling, blue-based green base quickly shows off pink, coppery orange, and warm gold tones. Some angles may even show hints of lime and aqua. Two coats will cover the nail line for most, but some may prefer three coats for full coverage. 

Go Big Or Gourd Home: 3 coats. This is the same finish as Patch Things Up. It is super shimmery and super fun. My only thing is that it feels a little bright and leans a little blue for an autumn polish. I wish this shimmer were a much deeper green. Maybe because of my skin tone, it leaned a bit more turquoise and was definitely not pine green. Also, I did three coats but the third coat did not make a difference so two is more than enough.  This is a beautiful polish, so don’t get me wrong, but this definitely reminds me more of a mermaid rather than a gourd.



Ripped Apart is a deep, navy-blue nail polish with maximum sparkle. Reflective pigment catches the light for a twinkling royal blue effect that amplifies the navy base color. Best worn in two coats, use Smooth Moves before applying Clearly On Top for the perfect glass-like finish. 

Ripped Apart: 2 coats. It’s a reflective and it’s blue. I don’t know what else more to say about it but that if you love, reflective polishes and you’re missing a blue one from your collection, then this one is a great option. It definitely gives night sky vibes.


Ready To Throw Down is a deep, navy-based magnetic polish loaded with twinkling holo glow flakes. A magnet will pull vibrant purple, fuchsia, and rose-pink tones to the forefront, while the deep base can look near black or flash bluer. Without a magnet, this polish’s purple hue shimmers and shines, showing off shifts to pink and salmon tones. Best worn in two coats. 

Ready To Throw Down: 2 coats with a magnet after each coat. Well, I do love those holo flakes. I’m just not a fan of purples, but the flakes make it more special. The magnetic effect is a bit weak even in the bottle and I feel like I could barely see it on my nails. I don’t really care because I never wear magnetic polishes, and this polish is gorgeous without the magnetic affect.  I ended up painting my nails over a magnet, and then immediately putting the magnet over in order to get the effect stronger.



Along For The Ride is a deepened purple multichrome nail polish. The grape-like color of this lacquer quickly morphs into burgundy and magenta tones nearing black at times, with some angles showing off warmer pink and fuchsia tones. Like stars twinkling in a late evening sky, holo glow flakes add bits of rainbow sparkle.

Along For The Ride: 2 coats. This is like a night sky, polish if the sky looks purple. Great for any purple lover, and the shift is a nice added touch.



Let The Beet Drop is a deep, purple-leaning, beet-colored reflective nail polish. In some lighting, the base color skews more mulberry or wine, while bright lighting brings out a stunning purple reflection, for the perfect shade that can easily transition from fall into winter. Best in two coats, use Smooth Moves before applying Clearly On Top for the perfect glass-like finish. 

Let the Beet Drop: 2 coats. Like Ripped Apart, this is a straightforward, reflective polish. Beets are the exact color of this polish and I know that because I have some in my fridge right now. Looks great in two coats and if it’s a color you’re missing in your reflective polish collection, then grab this one.



My only complaint is that I wish there were more deeper oranges, greens, and yellows rather than three different purples. Purple just is not autumn to me. I think this collection is a little bright, but I guess that depends on where you live and what autumn feels like to you. Since for me, it’s cooler weather, I just reach for those deep oranges and mustard and green hues. The colors all have great formulas and are shifty and fun!

This collection is available now! What are you favorites?

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  1. Great collection. I was waiting for your swatches before I ordered. My favorites are Patch Things Up and Let the Beet Drop. I'm surprised cause its reflective but its amazing. I also have a fridge full of beets lol. My all time favorite fall collection was All the fall things I bought all of them as well as the Halloween trio. I will probably pick up half the collection. Thanks for sharing it was so worth the wait.

    1. Hello fellow beet lover!! Yea, I had the swatches down a while ago but oopsie me never cropped them. I thought Patch Things Up was too bright at first but it definitely grew on me. I love The Perfect Match--me and sparkly neutrals!! All the Fall Things has Thyme on My Hands--one of my favorites!


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