Tuesday, September 26, 2023

KBShimmer It’s Fall About You Comparisons

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Hi everyone. As I was watching the new KBShimmer collection., I felt that some colors reminded me of others. I love to do a comparison post. If you missed my life update, I am currently enrolled in a doctorate program so my time is limited. Instead of swatching comparisons on my nails, I’d rather save time to do my actual nails, so I put these comparisons on my nail mat.


All swatches are two coats over a semi translucent nail mat. I was going to do this over those round swatch rings, but decided the white piece of those rings might change the color a little. I believe you can see the comparisons for yourself so I did not write up the differences. Some looked very close in the bottle then once on the mat, not at all! 

Also, all pictures can be clicked on to view them in their original size and so you can zoom. So enjoy!


KBShimmer Patch Things Up (left) Vs. Any Way You Slice It (right)


I Can’t De-Cider (left) Vs. Sun Kissed (right) 


Looking for Love (left) Vs. The Perfect Match (middle) Vs. Sandy (right) 


Go Big or Go Gourd (left) Vs. living the Hygge Life (Right) but check for Dive On In


Yes We Cran (left) Vs. Core Values (middle) Vs. Totally Stoked (right) 


Ready To Throw Down (left) Vs. Wrap It Up (right)


Are there any other comparisons you want to see? I have to admit that I had the great purge of June 2023 and I currently have about 700 nail polishes to put for sale including many KB shimmers. It’s not that they are not beautiful, it’s that your girl needs space. So that’s why you might see some holes in these comparisons, but let me know because I can obviously have missed some.

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