Monday, August 26, 2019

Neon Cotton Candy Gradient with KBShimmer

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Hello there! Today kicks off the official beginning of my semester! Off to teach a new batch of students! Of course, I spent my last week of "freedom" with a horrible summer cold. In fact, I'm still under the weather, but before I got really sick, I did these nails and wore them for a week! I was just feeling like cotton candy and decided, I want cotton candy on my nails!

Neon Cotton Candy Gradient with KBShimmer

So as I mentioned, I was feeling like cotton candy and I went with a neon palette!

I started with a base of a white creme. Then on a makeup sponge, I used three of the KBShimmer Seas the Day neons!

  • KBShimmer Harbor a Crush (blue)
  • KBShimmer Bored Short (purple)
  • KBShimmer Pink or Swim (pink)

The purple blended in so well, it can be difficult to see, but I think it lends a gorgeous hue to the look. I just always think of blue and pink for cotton candy since those are the most popular colors the fairy floss comes in!

Neon Cotton Candy Gradient with KBShimmer

Neon Cotton Candy Gradient with KBShimmer

Ahhhh, this is SO cotton candy vibes. This color palette just makes me so happy. I am the messiest tri-gradient person though. No matter the clean-up, it's still messy. But hey, I'm not perfect. Always, I had so many positive comments on this look (especially my niece--she loooved this!).

Neon Cotton Candy Gradient with KBShimmer

Neon Cotton Candy Gradient with KBShimmer

I wasn't lying when I said I've been using The Seas the Day collection all summer. I just took this mani off yesterday, and put on another Seas the Day nail art! All my bottles have dents in them! I just love this collection!

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  1. So fun and colourful and a perfect gradient 😊

  2. I agree, anytime I think of cotton candy those are the two colours that I think of! These turned out great!


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