Friday, August 2, 2019

Beauty Big Bang Stamping Plate Holder

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Hi all! Today I'm sharing a stamping plate holder from Beauty Big Bang. These holders have been around for some time, but I grabbed this one because it has a zipper closure! My other one just has a clip and I don't love how loose it is and plates fall out. So I figured, let's try out this plate holder!

My plate organization situation sucks right now. It's in a vinyl bag that can no longer close LOL. So for this holder, I decided to designate it my "holiday" plates holder. I have lots of Christmas/winter holiday and Halloween plates.

This holder has 24 slots. 8 are for rectangular plates and 16 are for square/circle plates. I do wish this number was more even--12 and 12. Or I wish I could get an option for all square or an all rectangle option.  As you can see, this is a pink holo color.

I like that you insert the plates from a top tab. My other holder is from the side and they fall out ALL the time. These are held in snugly. One thing I do wish from all the holders is that I wish they were an inch wider so I could slide the sleeve it came in behind it. Maybe I'm a hoarder but some of the sleeves are super cute and so I wish I could store them in the tab too. But it just fits the plate.

I actually had so many holiday plates, that I basically filled up the holder! It zips up easily too, even when full.

I have 7 rectangle plates and 13 square plates in here right now, so it's mostly full. I just wanted to show how the holder looks filled. It's nice and compact. Also, plates are heavy! This folder is now heavy lol.

This plate holder retails for $7.99 and you can see the holder HERE. I do wish it came in silver, since I'm not such a pink gal, but I'm all about organization! I love that I can clearly see all my plates and I don't have to keep removing them from the sleeve. I do need like 2 more of these for my collection though!

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  1. I love the pink holo, so fun! And such a great idea to keep your plates organized by theme, I'm going to copy you.

  2. This is such a pretty plate holder! I have a few organization hacks for my plates but I think I'm going to need some more holders myself lol

  3. That is so pretty--love the holo. I've been looking for a plate holder like this that stores the larger plates. I'll probably pick it up.


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