Monday, July 8, 2019

Sophia's 3rd Birthday: Fish and Beach Stamping

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My darling niece turns 3 today! I seriously don't know where time goes! Since I posted the Jessica Cosmetics California Girl last month, I had noted that I really wanted to do a gradient between two of the colors. LOL, well a month later, and I finally decided to do that gradient. And since today is my niece's birthday, I decided I had to do something in honor of her! Sophia, my niece, loooves nails AND loves fish! So I decided to do some fish and beach inspired nails for her birthday!

Sophia's 3rd Birthday: Fish and Beach Stamping

Every time I see Sophia, she grabs my hands and goes PRETTY NAILS! She finally asked me to do her nails back in March and it was so cute! It was a bit of mess, but by the third time, she had the process down and now I do her nails with ease!

So I had to honor her with fish and water images. It's the summer so it's perfect and I love how the two Jessica colors came together!

Sophia's 3rd Birthday: Fish and Beach Stamping

Items Used:
  • Jessica Cosmetics Cool in the Pool
  • Jessica Cosmetics Popsicle Kisses
  • Makeup Sponge (for gradient)
  • Beauty Big Bang White Stamping Polish
  • Moyou Sailor Collection - 05 (Outer nails and ring nail)
  • Beauty Big Bang XL- 001 (thumb and middle)

I originally was just going to do the outer image on all my nails, but Mr. Ehmkay told me to mix up the images and helped me pick them out since I had two beachy plates! This mani is so appropriate for the super hot weather we have too!

Sophia's 3rd Birthday: Fish and Beach Stamping

Sophia's 3rd Birthday: Fish and Beach Stamping

Sophia's 3rd Birthday: Fish and Beach Stamping

Here's what my thumb looks like. There's no cute way to pose with your thumb but the jellyfish are super cute! I think each image compliments each other well. I'll probably throw up Sophia's reaction on Insta stories, so check them later!

Sophia's 3rd Birthday: Fish and Beach Stamping

So glad I finally did this gradient because it's sooo pretty together! It would be pretty with Desert Sunset too, the paler pink, but I love this cotton candy combo!

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  1. These are soooo adorable!! Time really does fly. I still can't believe that I will have a 8 year old in just 11 days!!

  2. Awww Happy Birthday Sophia! And your mani is gorgeous and fun!


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