Thursday, July 25, 2019

Pusheen Calendar Series: Surfing Pusheen

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Finally--a sort of break from stamping HAHA. JK, cause I'll be back! I did want to get in July's Pusheen though. Pusheen is at the beach this month. I haven't gone to the beach at all. It's just too hot and dipping in and out of the ocean every five minutes is more exhausting than fun to me LOL, so I'm living through Pusheen.

Pusheen Calendar Series: Surfing Pusheen

 Here is the main image and that is what I used for my mani. I try to do new images for each mani. I don't think I've done a surfing Pusheen! I've definitely done a sunglasses Pusheen, so I was excited to try something new.

Pusheen Calendar Series: Surfing Pusheen

I was sort of nervous to paint this on my nails. It looked really difficult! I couldn't fit in the entire wave either, so I sort of just winged it and saw what I could do on my nail canvas haha. I really needed longer nails for this look.

Pusheen Calendar Series: Surfing Pusheen

Color Breakdown
  • Base: KBShimmer Harbor a Crush
  • White: Stella Chroma High Noon
  • Darker Blue: Girly Bits Forget Me, Not!
  • Pusheen greys: Jessica Phenom Downtown Chic and Girly Bits Greyzed and Confused
  • Yellow: Girly Bits Saffron, Saffroff
  • Pink: KBShimmer Pink or Swim
  • Outlining: Jessica Phenom #LoveThis Look 

All these colors together give off such a summery vibe.  I was really excited with how this came out! I really think I created a surfing Pusheen! I also like Pusheen's cousin snorkeling on my pinky LOL.

Pusheen Calendar Series: Surfing Pusheen

Pusheen Calendar Series: Surfing Pusheen

Seriously, LOOK AT HOW CUTE. I was genuinely impressed with how I re-created this look! And I just love how the yellow pops against the blue.

Pusheen Calendar Series: Surfing Pusheen

I can't wait to see what August is--which is only a week away. WHERE IS TIME GOING?!

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  1. This is amazing as always! Your freehand art is so beautiful.


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