Thursday, April 15, 2021

Chocolate Easter Bunny Pastel Nail Art

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Hi friends! I am back!! I have not been able to post since March 26th. While I appreciate a good break now and again, if you see from my last post, a website was literally swiping ALL of my posts (117 to be exact), removing my links, and publishing it as their own. I did do one test post, complaining about them stealing my work, and they stole that LOL. But as of a few days ago, that website has been suspended! Only took two weeks of complaints and reports. Let's hope it sticks. So meanwhile, I have not posted anything and well, I wanted to still share my Easter manicure, because it is super springy and cute so why not!? So now, I'll try to play catch up as I did not post anything for 2.5 weeks! Ack! Happy to be back!


My inspiration was chocolate bunnies! When I got KBShimmer What the Fudge, I knew I wanted to do some kind of candy art with it and since Easter was coming up, I was like yay perfect! What is more spring than pastels and candy!


I used lots of colors so here they are!

  •  Pink: Jessica Cosmetics Pinkies Up
  • Yellow: Jessica Cosmetics Yellow Meringue
  • Green: Jessica Cosmetics Mint Blossom
  • Blue: Jessica Cosmetics Headliner
  • Purple: Jessica Cosmetics Lavender Love 
  • Brown: KBShimmer What the Fudge
  • Plates: Beauty Big Bang XL-010, Born Pretty Spring Garden L002, and Morgan Taylor Celebrations Collection 1 

KBShimmer What the Fudge stamps really nicely. I loved the mix of images on my index and pinky. Then I took bits of a spring plate for the bunny with the carrots for my middle nail. Then I used basic bunny ears on my ring! After I did that nail, I realized it is just like Louise from Bob's Burgers! Even the pink color. I didn't even mean to!


Just wanted to share my painted thumb, which is a pastel lavender. It had the same stamping as my middle nail but with some added florals since my thumb nails are larger!

So happy to be back and I have a lot of posts coming up! Time to play catch up!

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