Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Zoya Rescue and Repair: Full Test Review

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Good morning! So for the month of March (and still now), I was testing the Rescue and Repair system from Zoya. I was all set to post and then, of course, had to put the blog on hold while I awaited the other site to be shut down. So I am finally sharing this set. I did an honest review of this, using it solely as my base coat in between manis, so you can get an ideas of this system!

The kit retails for $39.00. It comes in this nice zip up pouch. I love things all packaged together!


Here is the pouch when it is opened. It includes a nail file, an orange stick, the rescue serum, and the rescue base coat. The pouch is a nice quality. Both sides have a zipper enclosure. One has a mesh enclosure while the other is solid plastic.


Here is the serum, which is a cloudy color and comes with a droplet. The directions are odd and says to put like a pea-sized droplet over all the nails. Huh? How to even divide that? Instead, I just did a very small drop on each of my nails and rubbed it in. It is not greasy at all and basically sunk right in.


Here is a picture of my nails with the serum on about a minute after putting it on. As you can see, no greasy residue. Do not wash your hands, as you put the base coat on over the serum.


Then I added the base coat. It is also somewhat matte and dries almost instantly.

So my right hand index and middle nail are super peely and break constantly. I am aware that I pose incredibly awkward with my right hand, but I really wanted to share my progress. 

First treatment: March 5. My middle nail broke all the way down to the tips, so I figured it was perfect to share some progress with this treatment. 


Second treatment: March 11. This was incredible. My middle nail had a terrible break and you can see the amazing growth in less than a week!

Third Treatment: March 16. You can see there is a bit more growth, so I can start to almost shape it. 

Fourth Treatment: March 20th. It has grown enough to shape it. But you can still see the peeling of my nails, both on the middle and index, which is where I usually have problems. This was disappointing. I had hoped since my nail broke so far down, that I could start fresh with this serum and lose my peeling nails.

Fifth Treatment: March 24. Again, lots of growth and my nails look healthy. But the peeling was not cured and my nails continue to peel and break...sads. From March 5 to March 24, I had a lot of growth, but the peels mean that my nail will inevitably break again (and it did).

So there you have it! I did get a lot of growth from this Zoya system, but it did not "cure" my peeling nails and they do continue to break. Again, body chemistry is SO different so what works for me, may not work for you and vice versa! I do like that if I do have a break, I can accelerate growth with this system, but it did not cure the peels. 

This set is available now and retails for $39. 

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Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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  1. Thanks for your review. I was considering this for my peeling nails but now will save my money. Have you found anything you recommend?

    1. My go to was/is always Nailtiques 2+. I'm currently testing the new Stella Chroma Super Food and it seems to be helping but I need to give it a full month. I also might give this set another try since body chemistry can change.


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