Friday, February 5, 2021

Stella Chroma December VIP Box

 Nothing to Disclose

Can you believe it? I am reviewing a Stella Chroma VIP box in less than three months LOL. To be honest, I do like for those who are international and such to get their boxes before I start posting spoilers and ruining it. What is worse than that?! Well, I have December's box to share today. I love supporting the brands I also work with! So here we go! 

All of the contents for this box are below. This box included a compact, a sticker, a polish, and a soap!

Misty Blue Rose Clay Soap retails for $9. On the site, it says this is also a facial soap. You can find the details of the soap here but I have attached pictures of the ingredients. I love how this is wrapped within the box and since I have not used it yet, I did not want to unwrap it. It smells really fresh and clean. 

Update: Mr. ehmkay decided to open the soap, and it is really nice. It lathers up gorgeously and my skin doesn't have that tight feeling I usually have with bar soap. Lovely.

Herkimer Shine: 2-3 coats plus top coat. 2 coats was enough, but I dinged my nails cause I am silly so I added a third since I wanted it even. This is a cooling and calm grey with a faint shimmer or silvery flecks. It is so gorgeous. I love the shimmer in this. Perfect for the snow fall we just had.

 The VIP box is sold out. Make sure you are a member of Stella Chroma's Facebook group for up-to-date info.  I can't wait for the next one!

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