Sunday, February 14, 2021

Dotted Hearts Valentine's Day Nail Art

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Today is Valentine's Day, of course! I have been wearing this look for the last few days and still have it on! I have done a ton of non-traditional Valentine's Day looks, so for this, I went all out and all pink, and I LOVE how it came out!

I really don't know what inspired this but I originally was going to do an outline of a pink heart and dotted around it. It was looking chaotic when I tested it so I went the opposite and just dotted a heart! My trick was that I took my base pink and then outlined a heart with it so it blended but it was a nice template for me. Then I layered for with four different pinks!

I actually tested so many pinks to make sure they were all different enough that they held their own against each other. 

  • Base: Morgan Taylor Plumette with Excitement
  • Dots: Jessica Cosmetics Popsicle Kisses (bright pink), Pinkies Up (medium pink), Peony (coral), Girly Bits Hearts in Bloom (pastel almost purpley pink)

I really like how I managed to choose different pink tones!

I really love how this looks. I started to blend the pinks too and it just came out so awesomely. What do you think of my super layered dotted hearts?

Are you rocking pink nails today? I love me some pale pink nails!

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