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KBShimmer Enchanted Forest Collection

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Hey all! I took almost 600 pictures of the new KBShimmer Enchanted Forest Collection. Yup. I managed to bring it down to 100 for this blog post HAHAH, so that means, this is one shifty, amazing collection and I cannot wait to share it with you! So let's welcome the week with this stunning collection that you can grab this Friday 2/26. As usual, I have my photos in all the lighting: OTT lights, direct sun, indirect sun, and shade. So grab your coffee and let's check them out!

On a cool spring day, heading for a walk into the forest can be a magical experience.  A soft, shimmering mist catches the light filtering through moss-covered trees.  Mushrooms litter the damp earth, and young ferns and spring blooms add bright pops of color against the leaves covering the ground.  A glimmer of iridescent wings makes you wonder if dragonflies or fairies are fluttering by.  It would be easy to spin tales of elves dwelling among the mushrooms or finding a magical door down a hidden path. Let KBShimmer take you on a walk through the woods with the 9-piece Enchanted Forest Collection, celebrating the touch of magic that can be found in nature. The Enchanted Forest Collection launches Friday, February 26th, 2021 at 11 AM EST.

Mist Me: $11.00. 2 coats. “Mist Me nail polish echoes those churning waters with a light, slate blue-hued base. A warm, rose gold shimmer transforms to shades of copper and warm honey.  Bright light will bring out the rainbow flame of linear holographic pigment.” This is the one holo of the collection. I love the soft color of it but then the shimmer is a stunner and wow! Great coverage for such a light color.

Dawn To Earth: $11.00. 3 coats. “Dawn To Earth nail polish pays homage to the rising sun.  A bright, cobalt blue jelly base boldly mimics the deep blue, early morning skies.  A strong pink shimmer pops against the blue base showing of hues of fuchsia, rose, and in some lights, peach, and gold.” Although this has VNL, I really do not mind because it is absolutely gorgeous. The base definitely is a rich blue and you could totally layer it but I wanted it in its shimmery glory.


Frequent Flyer: $11.00: 2 coats over KBShimmer White Here, White Now.  “Frequent Flyer nail polish is a nod to those iridescent wings.  Shimmering shades of golden champagne quickly morph into hues of spring green.  Soft Aqua and blue tones come alive at different angles, while different lighting brings out hues of soft peach, rose, and violet.  This polish can be worn on its own but layering it over a white or neutral base like The Snuggle Is Real will bring out the complete pastel rainbow Frequent Flyer offers. Looking for a bolder color? A black base will show off jewel tones of gold, green and aqua.” I really wanted to see this over white because I knew it would be just stunning. It really does shift at every movement. 

Hidden Potential: $11.00: 3 coats. “Hidden Potential nail polish starts with a warm violet hue that shows off a strong bronze to golden green shimmer in direct lighting.  In indirect lighting, this polish truly comes to life, showing off a rainbow of hidden colors.  Going from a warm, nearly red copper, to burnt orange to gold, Hidden Potential then shifts easily into hues of green, blue, and navy - even purple pops out depending on the angle and lighting!  This is a truly unique polish in our lineup with its drastically different personalities expressed based on changes in lighting and angles.” This is my second favorite of the collection and I honestly just do not understand this polish. How is it so shifty and gorgeous? Holy wow. Every color is in here. 


No Illusions: $11.00. 2 coats. “No Illusions nail polish is a jaw-dropping multichrome.  A bright teal catches your eye and quickly shifts into a cool emerald.  Shades of blue come out to play before morphing into grape and magenta purples.  At some angles, you can catch warm gold and orange tones.  It’s no illusion; this is one of the shiftiest multichromes you’ve ever seen!” This is a super shifty purple to teal to purple multichrome. It has great coverage and really does shift at the slightest movement, like so many colors in this collection.


Branching Out: $11.00.  3 coats plus top coat. “Branching Out is a tri-thermal that echoes the hues of a dimly lit forest.  When cold, a deep, near navy indigo color sets off a gamut of flakes that shift from a lime gold, to spring green, and aqua blue.  As your fingers warm, a dusty periwinkle shade gives way to a blue-leaning mint.” This is such a fun polish! It is very cold here, so my sunshine photos obviously show it in its cold state but I do love the warm colors! That teal-mint is gorgeous. 

Amanita Moment: $11.00. 3 coats plus top coat. “Amanita Moment nail polish is a nod to the fungi of fairytales.  A soft, sage green crelly provides a creamy base for this flake-filled polish.  Color-shifting flakes easily show off hues of red, orange and gold while swimming with a similar color-shifting shimmer.  In low or indirect lighting, the flakes show off hues of green.” Hello to my absolute favorite. I knew I would love this. The shade of green, the super shifty flakes. This is a huge winner for me and a must. I have nothing like it in my collection.

I’d Pick You: $11.00. 3 coats.  “I’d Pick You nail polish is a nod to those lovely flowers we leave behind.  A pastel orchid crelly base is reminiscent of those woodland florals.  Softly colored flakes show off hues of leaf green, goldenrod, peach, and at some angles, aqua.  Lower light shows off these flakes to the fullest.” I really love that this is basically the orchid version of Amanita Moment. These flakes are some of my favorite. In these bases, the flakes look almost electric!

What The Fudge: $10.00. 2 coats. “What The Fudge is a milk chocolate-colored crème polish.  Slightly warm-toned, this neutral shade is the perfect palate cleanser or base for a glitter topper.” I love KB cremes. They are almost always stampers and are so shiny. This one included. I love mushroomy taupes and this is like a true brown version of one.


My favorites are Amanita Moment, Hidden Potential, What the Fudge, Dawn to Earth and I'd Pick You. But really, each color has something to offer and I would probably buy the whole collection...also, I just love that magnet. 

The Enchanted Forest Collection launches Friday, February 26th, 2021 at 11 AM EST and each color retails between $10-$11. Which ones are on your definite list?

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