Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Valentine's Day Handpainted Rose Nail Art

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I'm just realizing how much I've been using Girly Bits polishes, but I just have such a great variety of the brand! Her cremes are really excellent for nail art and she's come out with lots of great colors! For this look, I was inspired by Irotoiro nails on Instagram. They (I'm not sure if it's one person or lots of artists on one account) posted a floral look and I just loved the colors, so that's what inspired this.

Valentine's Day Handpainted Rose Nail Art

I wanted to use a neutral beige base. I waffled between a shimmery beige and a creme and decided creme it was! I can't not do a floral nail art for Valentine's Day; they are iconic! I'm actually not a rose fan (although I won't say no to them!) but they are super simple to do for nail art! I do like unique rose colors though. And tulips---all the tulips please!

Valentine's Day Handpainted Rose Nail Art

I used all Girly Bits colors for this look. Since they are all stampers, they have such a great opaque quality. The beige base was only 2 coats.

  • Base: Just the Flax Ma'am
  • Roses: Boys N Berries and Once and Floral
  • Leaves: Sage Against the Machine and Ambition
  • White creme for accents
There's a fun vintage quality to this look. I meant to matte it, but I wore it for 4 days shiny, so I stuck with that!

Valentine's Day Handpainted Rose Nail Art

Valentine's Day Handpainted Rose Nail Art

Valentine's Day Handpainted Rose Nail Art

All of these cremes are available and they are just so awesome for nail art! I love this color palette! I love floral manis too, so I loved wearing this for like a week!

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  1. I'm convinced I had a dress with this pattern on it when I was a kid and I'm feeling so nostalgic! <3

    1. I can totally see this as a 90s style dress haha. I love how these came out!

  2. Just so beautifully done ♡♡


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